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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

If Beto O'Rourke is going to allow his election to proceed using my body - Beto O'Rourke should be apprehended, tried, and executed.

I know the feeling very well.  The frustration, the rage, the desire to take our leaders and to kill them - is what I have known all my adult life.  I would gladly offer my life in service to my people to fight Washington.  If I could assassinate Beto O'Rourke, Ted Cruz, Donald Trump - even if it meant being tortured I'd gladly do it... Gladly!  These types of actions are the types of actions that revolutionaries would love to see.  But what is a "revolutionary"?  It's a difficult word to define not because the actions are hard to understand or comprehend, but because the actions of the leaders are so adroit at such a subterfuge of dissonance, disinformation, dishonesty and confusion - that understanding who our leaders really are  makes almost no sense at all!

Gladly, if I could distribute flyers calling for the assassination of Donald Trump or Barrack Obama (or Beto O'Rourke) - I would do it in a heart-beat.

Alah-Akbar! الله أكبر  Allah is the Greatest  (Read: Donald Trump is not God, or "There is no God but God!"  لا إله إلا الله )

And for what?  Am I some kind of "hero" like I have been force-fed by the media about the cowards at the Dallas Police Department?  Am I going to represent the citizenry of Dallas - and protect them like we are constantly forced to believe the Dallas Police Department have done for us?  Protecting the citizenry of Dallas is why the political situation where I live is so heinous.  I live with electrical implants in my body that are controlled by what I used to just call "The Abduction Production."  Terms of Endearment to me would constitute "The Butcher-Ocracy."  These electrical implants that are inside and attached to parts of my central nervous system can control things like:
  • When I wake up in the morning.
  • When I have to look at a bell pepper, an egg-plant, or a taco.
  • When I'm permitted sleep
  • When I may use the rest-room
  • When I'm allowed to speak in a room full of people (like Starbucks)
These are crimes, these are real crimes against innocent unarmed people.  These are the types of dirty-war crimes that have gone unpunished since the day William Jefferson Clinton began his terms in office.  But what about Beto O'Rourke that makes him a "just target"?  Would the murder of an innocent man not be the type of thing that God himself frown on?  Muhammad himself says that to kill an innocent man is to destroy the whole wide world.  Yeah, ok, and last night while I was asleep at night, after the U.S. Government forced me, involuntarily, out of another home - to one which actually possesses a television unit inside (I had sold my T.V. out of hatred of the filth on the T.V. years ago) - I watched Beto O'Rourke before being permitted by my master to fall asleep.

And then as I lay there - trying to sleep - the T.V. surgically implanted behind the balls of my eyes, and inside the inner-ear of my ear continued to play his ignorant face and his useless commerical where rambles on and on about the evils of bigotry - and getting along.  I mean, I'm not one for hating large ethnic groups of people.  I know all about the wars and the enemies that my grand-parents generation faced.  When my Grandmother, a woman who lived to be 102 years old (dying in year 2015) was in her 30's, the United States formed a massive military force to fight soldiers and combatants sympathetic to Russo-German states.  Russia was a great power in the nineteenth century - a power so spectacular that when it fell to a fetid and rotting ideology after more than a century of maximum power in Europe, millions died.

I know all about what bigotry and race-wars are, I read about them as a youth  - long before the psychological implants that I was punished with for speaking up while in Cambridge Massachusetts.  My Grandfather of my dad's side was almost forty when the United States battled an out-of-control Emperor and Squad of Generals (Hirohito) in the 1940's.  Here Mr. O'Rourke is telling me that "bigotry" is something I need to be worrying about here in Dallas Texas, and I wonder if maybe he's back to imparting more of the malice and putrid filth of the "Barrack Hussein Obama Administration."  I had never had much against people with black-skin.

What did I hate about #44 a.k.a. "Barrack Obama"?  I hated what he did to my mother and to my family.  I mean, it's own thing to be told by somebody in authority that a person with a type of skin is somebody whom I cannot persecute.  I don't feel I had ever persecuted people because their skin was black - I personally have never been in such a position of authority to have had the ability to do so.  So what did he do so wrong?  Why should leaders such as he (black or white) start facing military courts and slated for imprisonment and execution?  We all live in a computerized world, and these computerized crimes are facilitated by people whose names none of us ever get to know.  When politicians like Beto run on the "I know nothing" platform, the ideals, values and beliefs that they are espousing are phony and do not ring true.

Read about the "Know-Nothing Party" and the mindset that caused the types of catastrophic losses during America's Civil War 175 years ago.  When a member of the "Know Nothing Party" was confronted about the violence of the raging civil-war, and his membership in the party - he would simply reply "I Know Nothing!"  Why is Donald Trump or Beto O'Rourke allowed to sit in a position of power, and rule a people on a platform of ignorance about the attrocity that our illustrious "Police Forces" have committed.  Do not get us wrong, we do not need bigotry in this country right now.  But if I walked into a room where somebody had been shot, and found a dying friend or relative on the floor - and I persisted in starting a fight about the skin color of the man who lived next door, rather than about the horrors of murdering an innocent person - that's the type of argument our politicians in Washington have made.

When I say, if Donald Trump or Beto O'Rourke is not willing to talk about the sexually and psychologically controlled meat slaves who are forced to work at Starbucks - then these two are helping a crime syndicate, and they need to pay with their freedom, if not their lives.

I've sat in various cubby-holes inside schools, libraries, Universities, churches, and, yes, Starbucks and even my home wondering.  A long time ago, the concept of fighting political battles and fighting military battles were the difference between living in an uncivilized nation and a civilized one.  That, unfortunately, is the type of "nobel concept" that died along with my parent's generation in the 1960's and the Vietnam War.  Don't ever doubt yourself, the types of propaganda that we have been bombarded with is not civil - and fighting and imprisoning and executing a guilty person - a person guilty of these types of crimes does not make you a coward.  It does not make your a hero, it makes you a human being.  

Distribute these types of e-mails.  We need to start using all weapons at our disposal to destroy Washington, the District of Columbia - and it's rouge regime of sexually abusive and psychologically abusive terrorists.


  1. You make this claim: "I live with electrical implants in my body that are controlled by what I used to just call "The Abduction Production."

    This is just not true. It has never been prove with an X-Ray or MRI. It is a common delusion for those with an illness.

    Read this. Others have suffered like you:

    You can get help. Please, all of your loved ones are waiting to help you at the first chance. No effort or expense will be spared.

  2. I've been a dissident about (former) U.S. Government abuses of power since I turned 18 years old. I thank Mr "Mastro Gepetto" and his Master for writing this, though, for giving me the opportunity to mention one thing about the "please get help now" type of attitude. People who write back to victims of the regime - of which there are millions, though not all have suffered equally at all - really want to know themselves what the answer is to all of this. Why would the government do such a thing? How can I get an answer myself about it - since writing this letter didn't get you "de-implanted" at all! AND THIS IS WHY I SAY DISTRIBUTE THESE TYPES OF E-MAILS WHENEVER POSSIBLE.