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Monday, September 10, 2018

"The Great American Bypass" - bypassing college educations, bypassing the police, bypassing elected officials, and bypassing inchoate & early forms of over-site

It was 1995, and I had been forced (by terrorist factions of the American Government) to return from an attempt to flee the United States - hopefully until the day I died.  I had been living in a small island off the Chinese Coast, namely Taiwan, the Republic of China.  I had been admitted to many major American Universities including: Harvard, M.I.T., Stanford University near San Francisco, and of course Yale in Connecticut.  I had chosen to go to M.I.T./Harvard in Cambridge Massachusetts, which is a more urbane way of saying Boston on the Northern Edge of America's East Coast.  Technically, so to speak, I had "matriculated" at M.I.T. - meaning I enrolled at the Technical University, but of course, Harvard is a 45 minute walk down the street, and I eventually registered for foreign language classes there also.  My freshman year involved, of course, a fraternity - and all the rituals that had become part of the experience.  I wanted deeply to be living at a dormitory, but M.I.T.'s dorms were mostly dysfunctional and lacked any real student body.  I was, well, 18 and knew that words like "Utopia" meant I would go to college and only focus on my studies, quietly, without worrying about other people, but since other people are part of learning, I ignored the offer to live at "Baker Dorm" which, indeed, was mostly cleared out before the end of the semester.

People in this country used to face the word "bureaucrat" with some amounts of both shame and respect for "the problem" - and not so much "the office."  The roots of this issue, of course, lays in the Office Towered Skyline that are promoted as the center of almost every major American City.  If you have any mind at all, which is what the villains of "The Department" with their computerized thought control software steal from millions every day of the week, then your mind would recognize how pronounced an Office Tower really is in American Society.  The history of the world is long and storied, and, obviously, the further back in time a historian tries to reason, the fewer facts he has at his disposal that are of a written nature.  Paper doesn't survive thousands of years, and nobody has an "original copy" of the books by Socrates or Plato.  Furthermore, artifacts like the hieroglyphics on the inside of the Egyptian pyramids are written in languages that no longer exist in the world.  So, nobody knows with certainty what they say at all, but scholars have handed down stories for thousands of years.  This extremely short paragraph covering 6,000 years of history should read to one very seminal point.  It goes something the quantity, or "the number of" major world civilizations that have dotted the face of the earth is not a large number.  The minor government-like or religious-like societal phenomenon have dotted the face of Continental Europe, Africa, & Asia - there was only one "Roman Empire."  There was only one "Egyptian Civilization".  The Timurid's from Mongolia who reached from Mongolia, north of China, reached all the way to the hills of the Ural mountains in Russia at a very specific point in World History.  And of course, there was only one American Regime.  It lasted for quite a while, flowered and thrived for almost 100 years.  Just remember, when asked, what did the American's do with their time?  If you were playing a game show, thee "number one answer" would be: Construction.  They built Sky-Scrapers, they built bridges like the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Tri-Borough Bridge, they built Airports, and they built homes.

What did that leave us with?  Well, today, here in Dallas, the Downtown Dallas city skyline is mostly like, what I like to call "a monument to absolutely nothing."  Some of them are nice to look at.  There is one called "Comerica Office Bank Tower" and, mostly, I think a few people walk into and out of it every day of the week.  It could probably employ 10,000 people - if they tried. I've tried, myself, to explain that "I have a Master, and I am a slave."  This is true for a very large percentage of the population of Dallas.  In the American (former) colonies on the East coast, in Year 1870 after the end of the civil war, which was almost one-hundred and fifty years ago, The Congress used titles like "The Majority Whip" and "The Minority Whip" in order to prevent slavery from every wielding it's destructive effects on the land.  Slavery ends a lot of things.  The fact that today, in 2018, people still here about The Civil War in parlance on television should be indicative at how successful the Post-Civil-War era was at respecting the rights of workers and laborers in this country.  The feeling one get's from words which I have already said, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan are words of heads of "Corporations" (whatever that is) who employed thousands of people.  They paid them, and it was never enough.  They would strike for higher wages, and today when people talk about slavery they really ought to keep in mind who bore the brunt of low-wage labor - white immigrants from Europe who, indeed, did have to join labor organizations like the AFL, CIO, Knights of Labor, etc to keep maintain a level head.

But, before having any conniption fights about Black Slavery or White Slavery, which would require volumes before the words would have much meaning, a simple way of thinking about "The Rise of America" is: people (usually white, but other races were included) became slaves to Rockefeller, The Corporations, The Almighty Dollar.  That's what America was until the 1940's and 1950's when war finally "broke out" in Europe and in Asia.  The "Great Two-Front War," otherwise known as WWII ended a lot of the Industrial Revolutionaries power.  Yes, the workers were paid by Corporations, but no, (if you know your history), the salaries weren't very high and the work could be very back-breaking.  Yes, the Americans continued to work for large industrialists like Andrew Carnegie et al. because hey were building a brighter future for their children.  The Americans were building homes in West-Chester County, New York.  They were building offices in Manhattan.  They were building Woolworth and A&P stores in a land, North America, that up-to-then did not have much in the way of civilization.  In 1870, there really were bison and buffalo in the Chicago Illinois and surrounding area; and cows eating grass in the streets of New York City.  The civil war had taught "The American People" (if that's what you wish to call it, but you don't have to) that the people needed to modernize the land where they lived if they ever expected a prayer of making America and New York "a livable place."  When you hear words like "The Third World" that is usually a harbinger that your listening to a radicalized nationalist who is trying to relive "The Greatness" (the construction of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania - commonly referred to "The Tri-State Area"), but is not actually adding a thing to today's political situation

Anyways, that's all by-the-by.  American History is promoted, printed, trivialized and even bastardized, on TV all the time today.  But what about "the slavery?"  Well, asking the right questions is the most important part.  How does "Modern Day Slavery" function?  I hear those words on the televised news channels all the time.  I tell people in my family about what slavery is like, because I am a slave, and getting at the heart of "how it works" means getting to know the "current regime" of the (former) United States.  Here are the questions:
  • How can a man force another man to work?
  • How can a man (or woman) make another person live according to the former's wishes?
  • Specifically what "ways and means" do the people of the old New York Ways & Means Committee employ today?
  • Can I really force a human being (male or female) to work for a franchise (like Walmart, Starbucks, etc)?  If so, how?
This is the crux of what the "Minority Whip" was about.  This is why they called the man "Honest Abe Lincoln."  The number one cause of abuses of power stem from dishonest and lying to large numbers of people.  Don't kid yourself, lying to people from positions of power is a crime of regimes that has existed since God created man (or after he climbed out of the trees - whichever metaphor you prefer).  By the way, I heavily emphasize the words "metaphor," because nobody has proof of a "missing link" to back up the evolutionists views and, obviously, Jesus was a carpenter prior to his career as a profit, and therefore he isn't always "my best friend" either - I mean, I am a slave!  Religious fanatics rule this country and brag about it on TV seven days a week.  That's why we have slave-trafficking, drug trafficking and sex-trafficking.  Lincoln was an honest man, but when honestly leaves the regime and hides behind gargantuan walls of anonymity a.k.a. "The Office Towers", dishonesty become the rule and the norm.  Radicalism means just that, nothing makes sense, sensible words never come out.  Disinformation, cacophony, and total nonsense are the bread and butter of a slave trafficker.

So, anyway, here's the list of what office tower employees "masquerading" as "white collar employees can do:
  • They chip your eyes, and you can be forced to see things.
  • They chip your ears, and you will hear "low-volume" broadcasts of their own.
  • If they want your passwords on the computer, they are easy to get... Ask you through your ear-chip.
  • They can chip your thyroid to make you happy, sad, and upset.
  • Even your genitals, stomach and sphincter.
  • And, of course, the usual suspects: surveillance, financial network surveillance, and access to computer databases that have been built all over the country for the past 30 years.  If my password is available to the "Master Race" (which probably includes all kinds of people with different skin-colors - not whites at all) ... Then monitoring what I buy / where I go is still the same problem that the intelligentsia has tried to point out to the public, before they were purged, since the 1980's, when purges became an issue.

And how have they done this?  Well, this is what organized crime is great at.  Here in the North Dallas Area, my Master sometimes work in a building that simply says "Zurich" at the top of it.  He works in an office that has human traffickers surrounding him - and keep in mind, before all else - the fact that I am typing this blog is ought to be arousing in your mind, if you are "such a slave" the really pressing and important question: "How?"  If you are a slave whose thoughts are controlled, how do you write?  The answer is, My Master has granted me the right to talk.  On recurring consequence of experimenting on people is idiotic (read: fake) inquisitions and interrogations on TV where everybody asks questions like "Did the CIA really water-board anybody?"  This is the center of disinformation.  I don't give a rat's ass about "water-boarding."  And, yes, chip implants can be used to torture people.  The torture can be very excruciating.  They can cause, depression, suicide, loss, and just about every single neurological, physiological, psychological, and medical problem that known to man.   Neurological, physiological, psychological and medical problems all have extremely well documented causes, and forcing somebody to do something as simple as "Eating Ice Cream everyday" is possible, even routine, when the white-collar "agents" (for lack of any other term when referring to these people) which can literally cause both diabetes and even dysentery (sick guts).

Here is what these people (the new "Master Race" or "Master Class") don't do:
  • Go to college, nor get educations
  • Promote "the sanity" of the sciences, math, or art-history with their control mechanisms
  • Answer to police authority of any kind.
  • Answer to financial over-site of their own operations.... a.k.a.  "I own a copy of the credit-card printing machine up here in my office - and nobody can stop me, NOBODY."
  • And, of course, traditional "power systems" like democratic elections, judges, courts, etc.
Education and schooling can be a great thing.  A man who includes such things in his life bases himself in logic, reason and morality - as best as he can - throughout the course of his life.  When a police department has officers who have been implanted with "Robo-Cop" like computer systems, those police can be trained to avoid interrogating anybody who works in The Zurich Building where my Master is currently employed.  Think about it: If I can decide if an officer of the law is allowed to even get out of bed in the morning, which is one of the easiest of all feats for chips that influence your central nervous system, I could avoid ever being arrested literally - ever - in my life!  The words "police-department" and crime would literally provide comfort and happiness to me, knowing I would never be subject to their watchful eye: all the while my enemies in society could be arrested, literally on my order, for any reason I saw fit.

The same goes true when "politicians" are implanted,  Politicians, are a people, or "an actor", as they are sometimes referred to on TV today, who when implanted with electronics, and are paid handsomely and given quit a bit of the good life.  The ultimate goal, unfortunately, has morphed into talking about absolutely nothing at all, all day long!  Nothing is what they say, absolutely NOTHING.  The second time I will say this is: This is the bread and butter of the regime.  Nothing makes sense, so do not try.  Only our authority has a shred of meaning.  Also, racism.

And this goes double for old-school American Justice like (who used to use titles) "judges." "courts," "lawyers."

And so the story goes, without any form of education - where "rulers" get in power "just because they want to" and are able to bypass all forms of traditional and normalized (read: human) ways of deciding whose smartest, brightest, most competent, ... well... really heinous abuses of power happen every day!

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