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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

SOTU, September 10th, 2001: Sexual Warfare, Biological Crimes and the fetid, rotting U.S. Government

The summer of year 2001 was an awful one indeed for the few who had fought the United States government on principle regarding what (a long time ago) I called "The Abduction Production."  The scenes in my memory are quite hideous, but "knowing about the terrorists" for those who are old enough to remember what life was like before the September 11th was kind of the biggest joke of all.  Here, today, in Dallas explaining what the United States Government means to the people is no longer an interesting question.  I personally have zero recollection of any man, woman or child ever mentioning the word "Obama" since 2011 or 2012 when his "homosexuality tolerance" campaign began.  I, myself, have almost no recollection of ever "repressing a gay person" or "taking a homosexual's rights away."  For five continuous years I read "the networks" propaganda campaigns here in Dallas publications about how great LGBT people were - knowing exactly why the latest "disaster du-jour" was being promoted.

People in Dallas don't wave flags - unless their paid a lot of money.  People in Dallas don't mention the flag - unless of course - they are being given (or stealing) large sums of cash to do so.  I have never met a Starbuck's barista, Wal-mart employee or even a bank teller who said anything about the United States this decade.  I know what the flag means in the DFW area, absolutely nothing (unless you really "got paid").  30 years ago things were quite a bit different.  My master has read to me quite a number of the journals that the regime sympathetic to Washington & New York confiscated from me in the early 1990's after I wrote about the then "Dallas Genocide."  As a child I do have a recollection - memories, but not exactly - of teachers explaining to me what "The Devil's Tongue" was: specifically, New York English.  There were so many incidents that we all experienced as a child due to the "rip roaring" nature of their lives, that knowing what to even point at and blame wasn't always easy.  My first days in Dallas Texas Elementary School were in 1982 in a small Richardson (75080) school which usually doubled as a USMC Military Barracks.  In the early 1990's, when I was old enough to write down my experiences here, I scoured the thousands of photograph negatives that my parents had collected over the years 1982-1992, and picked out any that included Weapons of Mass Destruction or post-mortem acts of violence.  I put them in a separate box, but that box (along with my journals) was rounded up in 1995.  They (the fetid, rotting) remnants of government that practice the art of biological and sexual warfare still have them on their computer networks.

A picture of me and some 20-something or 30-something USMC teaching me at the age of 9 years-old to fire a mortar at the kids' soccer field out front of my elementary school were the kinds of "drug-fueled" and "US Military-WMD fueled" death squad attacks that will be discussed for centuries.  I liked my friend Mark Penisi - that was his name "Mark" and "Penisi."  He was in the 4th grade "talented and gifted program."   He took a bus with me and many of the other kids to the elementary school down the road.  Watching them teach me to blow up "the enemy" on the soccer field, and watching my childhood friends at the age of 10 die from a US Military mortar attack was one of many incidents that used to plague my mind as a child.  It was a problem so horrific, that I personally never really recovered from it until I was old enough to write history papers and do trigonometry assignments in High School.  For anyone in the 40+ age group who was told to watch "The Wonder Years" on TV, and how bad things were for "Fred Savage and his little girlfriend Winnie" - mostly they left out watching other kids and even teachers or parents die in the violence that did indeed destroy any pretense that America was a good thing, or that it had ever been a very good thing at all!

Long story short (for today): I lost most of the friends I had as a child - before I even was 18 years old and qualified as "an adult."  People on the TV like to condemn the concept of "White Genocide" - and they are somewhat right in doing so.  I don't have many memories of black-panthers running through the streets shooting at white people at all.  In fact, it was usually the opposite - when blacks were around people would usually (but not always) try to calm down.  Indeed, though, the white neighborhoods where I lived saw such massive loss of life, that, today, they aren't white at all - and much more Hispanic and even black.  Today, in the basement of the Richardson Public Library there is a storage closet with pictures of the building (the library!) back in 1982 when I first arrived at age 7.  The building was recently constructed, and then, Richardson was the furthest north one could go and still be "in Dallas."  There were smaller towns much further north (like McKinney), but mostly it was farmland as far as the eye could see.  Today the house were I lived has nice paved roads, but when we moved to Richardson, the street out front was dirt road, and one could even see an occasional monkey playing in the creek.  Raccoons, aardvarks, and all kinds of snakes - even rattle-snakes - were won't to "invade" from time to time.  Dallas has none of those thing today, though.

No, soldiers had become "the norm" and their authority was feared and hated.  They doubled as construction workers, electricians, and party-animals - whatever uniform they chose to wear on the day in question.  Our elementary school was flanked with newly constructed homes of Richardson on one side, but old army barracks that looked just like the ones in the old TV show "Gomer Pyle, USMC" on the other.  My dad was a Harvard Educated businessman who had never fought in the Vietnam War.  Actually, he was only 12 years old himself the day that the Korean War ended, and never had any desire to learn to fire.  40, 50, 80 years ago, the word "business" used to mean something entirely different.  Donald Trump is almost the text-book definition of what "business was not."  Donald Trump is a landlord who purchased Casino's in Atlantic City.  In 1970, when my dad started his own venture capital company - he was mostly involved in construction projects, and construction projects that developed apartment homes, strip-malls, and even large entertainment opera-houses (in San Francisco) were what "businessmen" did back then.  It had not so much to do with "making lots of money."  If Mark Cuban and "Mr. Wonderful" from Shark Tank were around in 1965 - they would have been laughed at into abject submission for being so ludicrous.  The show looks exactly like the slave auction blocks of the pre-civil war era, as human beings attempt to sell themselves to the highest bidder.  That's not what real-estate development was.  In fact, the only value of a "Harvard Business School" education was to learn how to "talk the talk" - which mostly meant "sounding educated and intelligent" - so that you could hire construction employees to work for you without leaving them with the impression that you were a know-nothing peasant yourself (like many of the Marines were).

But this post is supposed to be about the days leading up to September 11th, 2001.

First, I would like to talk about where I was in the summer of 2001 - just to make the points much more real.  I graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of  Technology in May of 1998.  Initially, when I enrolled in 1993, I ought to have finished by 1997, but I left the country for what was intended to be my sophomore year.  Before the big-gun-roundups of the mid to late 1990's - when the radicalized forces of America's Police and Military Departments decided to bankroll and mainstream the authoritarian-life that we would all know for almost 20 years, M.I.T. was mostly not that much different than any place else in America.  When I arrived, hookers would stand out front of the Campus Police Station with little signs - right there on 77 Massachusetts Avenue.  The Police were (probably) there favorite customers.  Drugs really weren't "illegal" - and to say that the police or the army were any more or less against narcotics would be the same as arguing there was "really such a thing" as the U.S. Military at all anymore.  I've mentioned before witnessing my freshman year the Boston Police Department opening fire on the house were I lived, and dozens of gun battles of every kind at school.  A tank (or 2 or 3) being parked in front 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA is probably the best way of remembering it all.

After watching actual homicides and suicides both inside the M.I.T. fraternity where I was living (and surrounding City of Boston) - though I was used to the gore and violence - seeing that places like the Cambridge-Harvard-M.I.T. entente were no-different and no-better than an average church, grocery-store, or High-School - I decided that I wanted to emigrate from "this horrible land."  After writing a few more pages (some which you are sort of reading right here / right now!) - I got on an airplane in June of 1994 and moved to "Republic of China" on Taiwan.  I did not come back voluntarily.  "They came and forced me home."

That's when the mind-control surgeries ... "The Abduction Production" surgeries began (1995).  They had read what I had written, and being critical of "The Great Ignorance" (the military and the police departments - and all their drug-dealing and WMD-laden antics)...  Sure, going to school was tough.  It was downright impossible for the legions of idiots who had left their families to wander the streets.  Having a big family in Texas made things a lot easier for me.  I could spend upwards of six hours to eight hours each day after school burying my head in Calculus books, Physics books, History, Literature and Computer Science.  Having a big family in the 1980's didn't mean that we were "well fortified" or "heavily protected" at all - mostly it was just the opposite.  When violence rules a city, which it did during the Ronald Reagan (#40) and Geroge Bush (#41) years - the only true danger is sort of "giving up" or "losing your head."  Before all else: most people who purport acts of violence on their neighbhors don't do it out of a sense of a higher calling at all - it was just senseless and fueled by fear.  Having a sound mind and the ability to go see your kid brothers and or mom when somebody at school dies and loosening up and calming down was really the medicine that propelled me when I was younger.  People would just loose it.

I graduated from college in 1998, and went to work on Wall Street at a company called "Goldman Sachs" (or whatever!) for the summer.  I didn't stay, as the experiments in New York City were destroying lives.  When you read about the September 11th attacks of 2001, I have no intention of proving things like Who?  What? When? Where? or Why?  None.  Nobody in post-NAZI Germany ever asks the question "Who blew up Hitler's Riechstag?  Who blew up Hitler's Congress?"  Nobody knows, and nobody will ever care.  For those who lived through the torture of Wall Street, and the brutality of the post-1995 government-roundups and government-sex-warfare know exactly what happened, and there is no point in saying anything at all.

But there was a burgeoning "Sex War" blowing up in the City.  What would you think of walking up to the New York City Chief of Police and kidnapping his wife kids, and even him - just so you could implant the electrodes in his and his own's family?  These electrodes - when stimulated - can make a man experience an erection (and they, the government, have braagged about this with "erection commericals" for almost 20 years).  They can force a woman to run home and cry.  The wiring that was being implanted in the population's body could give a women "spectacular sex highs" such that she was addicted to the men - the owners - that control the Internet Backbone.  They (the electrodes) also leave people partially lobotomized - or at the very least mentally distraught - and extremely unable to learn, grow, and do anything very useful with their lives.

So they took their police uniforms off, they took of their USMC garb - and joined the Brain Control Department Offices, and went right back to doing what American Radicalized Security Forces do best - keep themselves safe, at the expense of the people they are claiming to protect.

The summer before September 11th, 2001, I was tortured like an animal.  It was right there on M.I.T. Campus Property.  That summer I stayed with a friend in a "graduate dorm" called "Tang Hall."  Hearing voices and seeing things is what the TV surgically implanted in my skull does to me everyday - and does to thousands, if not millions - of Americans right on up until today.  These are crimes against humanity, and they are crimes against the people.  That summer I was trying to build a "court case" about it all - because masses when implanted - forfeit 100% of the rights, and can be raped, sexually abused, sleep-deprived whenever the regime so-chooses.  I was writing down everything that "the voices" were reading to me that summer, and, actually on August 15th, 2001, with an M.I.T. (and Harvard) Bachelor's Degree in my hand, I moved into the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter - just a 15 minute walk from either M.I.T. or Harvard.  I don't have photos of the individuals for whom the regime worked, or where they were working.  I don't know who they are, or where their offices in Boston are.

They still control the student bodies - what percentage?  That is their most powerful weapon of all!  Who is implanted?  You don't know, and they don't want you to.  That's the power of the "Master Race."  I was forced into homelessness with nobody even being within 100 feet of me!  That's how powerful mind control is.  Universities use it even today.  It is tantamount to lobotomizing a student so that he never learns anything about America - and has to decide between "accepting money" or "getting paid" or trying go against the regime.

Halfway Between Harvard and M.I.T. is the #1 Concentration Camp in Boston - and it is run like that.  It was often a "dumping ground" for America's Political Prisoners.

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