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Thursday, September 13, 2018

It's the drugs stupid! (An excerpt from a conversation with my brother Charles)


>  It opened my eyes to a world that, truly, has lead me to Arizona,

What opened your eyes to creeks and walking in the creek is HER0INE.  Period.  End of Story.  They (the rogue government) drug you.  They drug with HER0INE for going to the creek - and they drug you with destabilizing anti-psychotic "punishment" narcotics for entering the premises of University of Texas at Dallas, S.M.U., or just about any place where you would learn things.  They use the water-faucet in your home, the coffee machines at Starbucks to do these dastardly deeds.

And especially for tying to enter or set foot in office-tower floor-space.

You should be demanding they be hanged for these crimes.  Drug dealers are not from Mexico, they are from (former) Bank of America office space.

lost my family - I know you will never care about me at all - and in all fact - there is so little to care about anyway!  I have been drugged for years - my brain is half "HER0INE Junky."  The librarians here are part Heroine Junkie's.  I've never snorted, or shot a needle, or popped a pill - it's in the Water Fountain here.  Sometimes I'm "really happy" sometimes I'm not.  

Look at mom and Gary.  Have you ever seen Gary Sr.'s arm?  It is covered with blood-clots (black-and-blue marks)  Years of involuntary drug abuse make sores come up on the human body.  They drug my parents.  I want the people in the North Dallas Bank Office Tower dead.  I want them to die. They are in there controlling the Walmart trucks, the McDonald's trucks, the Office Depot trucks, the surveillance cameras and Android Phones, and the bank-account web-sites....

And the covert drug repositories and chip-implants in the slaves in the stores that surround North Dallas Bank.  My Master is reading this e-mail as I type it.  All they are doing is capitulating they should be fed to wild animals for lunch.

Ralph Torello
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On Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 11:04:09 PM CDT, Charles Torello <> wrote:

The photo in the canoe is Garland. It is Rowlett Creek, where 78 crosses over it, near Firewheel Mall. That was an Odyssey, mon frere! Here Rowlett Creek turns due south into Lake Ray Hubbard. The hydrology of a land is fascinating. And what better way to explore it than by canoes?

But, of course, the governing hydrology is that of the Trinity River, the canoeing of which for the first time in May 2007, from Downtown Dallas to South Dallas, created one of happiest memories in life.

The photo of the woman walking along the creek was along Cypress Creek well west of Austin, near a magical place called Krause Springs. I don't know if that woman is with us anymore. She may have died already. But, I am grateful she showed me western Travis County, It opened my eyes to a world that, truly, has lead me to Arizona, where I am grateful to God to be at.

On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 11:20 AM Ralph Torello <> wrote:

When you ask me to "prove all my points" about the government, I just get so embarrassed and humiliated.  It is EVERY SINGLE DAY that I HAVE TO deal with them.  When I start screaming about "generalized stupidity" for everybody:
  • I know it's not the "healthiest" way to view life (Calling people "stupid").
  • We are not living in "Ordinary Times" either - we aren't, and I explain why...
  • I also know, doing useless/pointless/manual-labor things don't require thought!!!
  • I know THEY (in the office towers) LOVE THAT - they are easy slaves
  • It means they (the slaves) will never know what it is like to try to think with an eye-socket-implant and ear-drum-implant - and ... listen to these people ALL DAY LONG.  It comes from years of arguing and (eventually) literally developing Hypertension and even blood-pressure/heart-disease from it.

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