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Tuesday, September 25, 2018

SOTU, September 10th, 2001: Sexual Warfare, Biological Crimes and the fetid, rotting U.S. Government

The summer of year 2001 was an awful one indeed for the few who had fought the United States government on principle regarding what (a long time ago) I called "The Abduction Production."  The scenes in my memory are quite hideous, but "knowing about the terrorists" for those who are old enough to remember what life was like before the September 11th was kind of the biggest joke of all.  Here, today, in Dallas explaining what the United States Government means to the people is no longer an interesting question.  I personally have zero recollection of any man, woman or child ever mentioning the word "Obama" since 2011 or 2012 when his "homosexuality tolerance" campaign began.  I, myself, have almost no recollection of ever "repressing a gay person" or "taking a homosexual's rights away."  For five continuous years I read "the networks" propaganda campaigns here in Dallas publications about how great LGBT people were - knowing exactly why the latest "disaster du-jour" was being promoted.

People in Dallas don't wave flags - unless their paid a lot of money.  People in Dallas don't mention the flag - unless of course - they are being given (or stealing) large sums of cash to do so.  I have never met a Starbuck's barista, Wal-mart employee or even a bank teller who said anything about the United States this decade.  I know what the flag means in the DFW area, absolutely nothing (unless you really "got paid").  30 years ago things were quite a bit different.  My master has read to me quite a number of the journals that the regime sympathetic to Washington & New York confiscated from me in the early 1990's after I wrote about the then "Dallas Genocide."  As a child I do have a recollection - memories, but not exactly - of teachers explaining to me what "The Devil's Tongue" was: specifically, New York English.  There were so many incidents that we all experienced as a child due to the "rip roaring" nature of their lives, that knowing what to even point at and blame wasn't always easy.  My first days in Dallas Texas Elementary School were in 1982 in a small Richardson (75080) school which usually doubled as a USMC Military Barracks.  In the early 1990's, when I was old enough to write down my experiences here, I scoured the thousands of photograph negatives that my parents had collected over the years 1982-1992, and picked out any that included Weapons of Mass Destruction or post-mortem acts of violence.  I put them in a separate box, but that box (along with my journals) was rounded up in 1995.  They (the fetid, rotting) remnants of government that practice the art of biological and sexual warfare still have them on their computer networks.

A picture of me and some 20-something or 30-something USMC teaching me at the age of 9 years-old to fire a mortar at the kids' soccer field out front of my elementary school were the kinds of "drug-fueled" and "US Military-WMD fueled" death squad attacks that will be discussed for centuries.  I liked my friend Mark Penisi - that was his name "Mark" and "Penisi."  He was in the 4th grade "talented and gifted program."   He took a bus with me and many of the other kids to the elementary school down the road.  Watching them teach me to blow up "the enemy" on the soccer field, and watching my childhood friends at the age of 10 die from a US Military mortar attack was one of many incidents that used to plague my mind as a child.  It was a problem so horrific, that I personally never really recovered from it until I was old enough to write history papers and do trigonometry assignments in High School.  For anyone in the 40+ age group who was told to watch "The Wonder Years" on TV, and how bad things were for "Fred Savage and his little girlfriend Winnie" - mostly they left out watching other kids and even teachers or parents die in the violence that did indeed destroy any pretense that America was a good thing, or that it had ever been a very good thing at all!

Long story short (for today): I lost most of the friends I had as a child - before I even was 18 years old and qualified as "an adult."  People on the TV like to condemn the concept of "White Genocide" - and they are somewhat right in doing so.  I don't have many memories of black-panthers running through the streets shooting at white people at all.  In fact, it was usually the opposite - when blacks were around people would usually (but not always) try to calm down.  Indeed, though, the white neighborhoods where I lived saw such massive loss of life, that, today, they aren't white at all - and much more Hispanic and even black.  Today, in the basement of the Richardson Public Library there is a storage closet with pictures of the building (the library!) back in 1982 when I first arrived at age 7.  The building was recently constructed, and then, Richardson was the furthest north one could go and still be "in Dallas."  There were smaller towns much further north (like McKinney), but mostly it was farmland as far as the eye could see.  Today the house were I lived has nice paved roads, but when we moved to Richardson, the street out front was dirt road, and one could even see an occasional monkey playing in the creek.  Raccoons, aardvarks, and all kinds of snakes - even rattle-snakes - were won't to "invade" from time to time.  Dallas has none of those thing today, though.

No, soldiers had become "the norm" and their authority was feared and hated.  They doubled as construction workers, electricians, and party-animals - whatever uniform they chose to wear on the day in question.  Our elementary school was flanked with newly constructed homes of Richardson on one side, but old army barracks that looked just like the ones in the old TV show "Gomer Pyle, USMC" on the other.  My dad was a Harvard Educated businessman who had never fought in the Vietnam War.  Actually, he was only 12 years old himself the day that the Korean War ended, and never had any desire to learn to fire.  40, 50, 80 years ago, the word "business" used to mean something entirely different.  Donald Trump is almost the text-book definition of what "business was not."  Donald Trump is a landlord who purchased Casino's in Atlantic City.  In 1970, when my dad started his own venture capital company - he was mostly involved in construction projects, and construction projects that developed apartment homes, strip-malls, and even large entertainment opera-houses (in San Francisco) were what "businessmen" did back then.  It had not so much to do with "making lots of money."  If Mark Cuban and "Mr. Wonderful" from Shark Tank were around in 1965 - they would have been laughed at into abject submission for being so ludicrous.  The show looks exactly like the slave auction blocks of the pre-civil war era, as human beings attempt to sell themselves to the highest bidder.  That's not what real-estate development was.  In fact, the only value of a "Harvard Business School" education was to learn how to "talk the talk" - which mostly meant "sounding educated and intelligent" - so that you could hire construction employees to work for you without leaving them with the impression that you were a know-nothing peasant yourself (like many of the Marines were).

But this post is supposed to be about the days leading up to September 11th, 2001.

First, I would like to talk about where I was in the summer of 2001 - just to make the points much more real.  I graduated from the Massachusetts Institute of  Technology in May of 1998.  Initially, when I enrolled in 1993, I ought to have finished by 1997, but I left the country for what was intended to be my sophomore year.  Before the big-gun-roundups of the mid to late 1990's - when the radicalized forces of America's Police and Military Departments decided to bankroll and mainstream the authoritarian-life that we would all know for almost 20 years, M.I.T. was mostly not that much different than any place else in America.  When I arrived, hookers would stand out front of the Campus Police Station with little signs - right there on 77 Massachusetts Avenue.  The Police were (probably) there favorite customers.  Drugs really weren't "illegal" - and to say that the police or the army were any more or less against narcotics would be the same as arguing there was "really such a thing" as the U.S. Military at all anymore.  I've mentioned before witnessing my freshman year the Boston Police Department opening fire on the house were I lived, and dozens of gun battles of every kind at school.  A tank (or 2 or 3) being parked in front 77 Massachusetts Avenue, Cambridge MA is probably the best way of remembering it all.

After watching actual homicides and suicides both inside the M.I.T. fraternity where I was living (and surrounding City of Boston) - though I was used to the gore and violence - seeing that places like the Cambridge-Harvard-M.I.T. entente were no-different and no-better than an average church, grocery-store, or High-School - I decided that I wanted to emigrate from "this horrible land."  After writing a few more pages (some which you are sort of reading right here / right now!) - I got on an airplane in June of 1994 and moved to "Republic of China" on Taiwan.  I did not come back voluntarily.  "They came and forced me home."

That's when the mind-control surgeries ... "The Abduction Production" surgeries began (1995).  They had read what I had written, and being critical of "The Great Ignorance" (the military and the police departments - and all their drug-dealing and WMD-laden antics)...  Sure, going to school was tough.  It was downright impossible for the legions of idiots who had left their families to wander the streets.  Having a big family in Texas made things a lot easier for me.  I could spend upwards of six hours to eight hours each day after school burying my head in Calculus books, Physics books, History, Literature and Computer Science.  Having a big family in the 1980's didn't mean that we were "well fortified" or "heavily protected" at all - mostly it was just the opposite.  When violence rules a city, which it did during the Ronald Reagan (#40) and Geroge Bush (#41) years - the only true danger is sort of "giving up" or "losing your head."  Before all else: most people who purport acts of violence on their neighbhors don't do it out of a sense of a higher calling at all - it was just senseless and fueled by fear.  Having a sound mind and the ability to go see your kid brothers and or mom when somebody at school dies and loosening up and calming down was really the medicine that propelled me when I was younger.  People would just loose it.

I graduated from college in 1998, and went to work on Wall Street at a company called "Goldman Sachs" (or whatever!) for the summer.  I didn't stay, as the experiments in New York City were destroying lives.  When you read about the September 11th attacks of 2001, I have no intention of proving things like Who?  What? When? Where? or Why?  None.  Nobody in post-NAZI Germany ever asks the question "Who blew up Hitler's Riechstag?  Who blew up Hitler's Congress?"  Nobody knows, and nobody will ever care.  For those who lived through the torture of Wall Street, and the brutality of the post-1995 government-roundups and government-sex-warfare know exactly what happened, and there is no point in saying anything at all.

But there was a burgeoning "Sex War" blowing up in the City.  What would you think of walking up to the New York City Chief of Police and kidnapping his wife kids, and even him - just so you could implant the electrodes in his and his own's family?  These electrodes - when stimulated - can make a man experience an erection (and they, the government, have braagged about this with "erection commericals" for almost 20 years).  They can force a woman to run home and cry.  The wiring that was being implanted in the population's body could give a women "spectacular sex highs" such that she was addicted to the men - the owners - that control the Internet Backbone.  They (the electrodes) also leave people partially lobotomized - or at the very least mentally distraught - and extremely unable to learn, grow, and do anything very useful with their lives.

So they took their police uniforms off, they took of their USMC garb - and joined the Brain Control Department Offices, and went right back to doing what American Radicalized Security Forces do best - keep themselves safe, at the expense of the people they are claiming to protect.

The summer before September 11th, 2001, I was tortured like an animal.  It was right there on M.I.T. Campus Property.  That summer I stayed with a friend in a "graduate dorm" called "Tang Hall."  Hearing voices and seeing things is what the TV surgically implanted in my skull does to me everyday - and does to thousands, if not millions - of Americans right on up until today.  These are crimes against humanity, and they are crimes against the people.  That summer I was trying to build a "court case" about it all - because masses when implanted - forfeit 100% of the rights, and can be raped, sexually abused, sleep-deprived whenever the regime so-chooses.  I was writing down everything that "the voices" were reading to me that summer, and, actually on August 15th, 2001, with an M.I.T. (and Harvard) Bachelor's Degree in my hand, I moved into the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter - just a 15 minute walk from either M.I.T. or Harvard.  I don't have photos of the individuals for whom the regime worked, or where they were working.  I don't know who they are, or where their offices in Boston are.

They still control the student bodies - what percentage?  That is their most powerful weapon of all!  Who is implanted?  You don't know, and they don't want you to.  That's the power of the "Master Race."  I was forced into homelessness with nobody even being within 100 feet of me!  That's how powerful mind control is.  Universities use it even today.  It is tantamount to lobotomizing a student so that he never learns anything about America - and has to decide between "accepting money" or "getting paid" or trying go against the regime.

Halfway Between Harvard and M.I.T. is the #1 Concentration Camp in Boston - and it is run like that.  It was often a "dumping ground" for America's Political Prisoners.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

History, The Golden Horde's of Ghenghis Kahn, and The United States Marine Corps

For 300 years, so the mythology of it all goes, during the "colonialist era" of Western Europe, explorers traders, and essentially, ships of every kind crossed the Atlantic - "The Mer" as is pronounced in Latin and most European Languages including Spanish.  Most historians ought to agree that the words "America" literally means "To the Ocean we go" (a mer ir).  Before all else, they brought with them Spanish which of course was second only to the concept of "Hidalgo."  Hidalgo is sometimes thought of as a famous 19th century preacher in Mexico, but, mostly it was a word for the ways in which an honorably knight ought conduct himself.  Spain's most famous novel by Spain's most renowned literature writer - Miguel de Cervantes - writes about the legendary Don Quijote, and the honorable way in which he respected himself and others, called "Hidalgo."  For 300 years, 1492 up until around 1776 people got on boats and brought what dignity and honor they could to "The New World," or "Novo Mundo" in Latin and in Spanish.  It was also called "Tierra Incognita" or "The Unexplored Earth."

Post-George-Washington "Father Hidalgo" Mexican Painting:

(guns pointed at his face, sort of like the end of the movie "Blues Brothers")

The European Age of Exploration was a great period in human history, often called "Thee Enlightenment" literally because the people's of Europe learned a great respect, a tolerance if you will, for the colors and races of other nations and civilizations all around the world.  They liked Mexico, Columbia, and Venezuela much more than Massachusetts, New York (New Amsterdam, then) and Virginia because thriving Indian Civilizations existed everywhere starting at Mexico City (then called Tenochtitlan) and extending all the way to the furthest tip of South America - sometimes called "Tierra del Fuego" or the "Land of Fire."

Much like all civilizations in human history, the reverence that the people had for values, tolerance and respect gave way to abuses of power, piracy and slavery (for instance the nineteenth century slave trade) and after three hundred years George Washington up on America's Northern East Coast said "Nada Mas" - no more!  He fought the British, and most of European's colonies and it's colonial system fell apart after three hundred years of traveling the whole wide world.  The primary testament to what kind of people the Spanish really were can be seen in museums all across Spain and in Mexico - and by the fact that huge segments of the population of Latin and South America still speak Spanish today!  Not everyone in Mexico speaks Spanish, there are many lingering "Indian Dialects" - but white people from Europe, sort of, "putting there best foot forward" is how Europe and Latin America thrived for (if the dates are really accurate) for almost 300 years.  Many people of often said that in "1492, Christopher Columbus sailing the Ocean Blue" is somewhat of a myth, and nobody knows the exact year any of this really happened.

The guillotine in France in 1791 brought much of this down.  For thirty years, from 1791 (starting in 1776, with George Washington's Declaration), Europe was in upheaval, and this upheaval did indeed pave the way for the waxing of power and authority of the then nascent Russian Tsar.  By 1850, Russia was a major world power.  Moscow, St. Petersburg, Berlin ruled Europe for almost a century.

But this blog post isn't going to be another American History Lecture about (Spanish speaking) Christopher Columbus.  The capital of USA, Washington District of Columbia is ceremoniously named after the man, and anybody who attended High School History knows all about it.  It is gone, but many people learned Spanish from Europe - Europeans spoke this language first.  "Mejico" and "America" are literally names that are probably rooted in the same word: "The Ocean" or "La Mer."

The tolerance of the European Colonialists gave way to anarchism in 1791, and peasants running around feeding government officials to the old Guillotine - amputate at the neck - as they used to say in Dallas.  By 1850, what to do about all this sort of turned into a new "Rise of The British," and the nineteenth century practice of sending convicted criminals to Australia became a new norm, and a new way of dealing with the old Colonialist mentality.  "Exporting criminals" was how the modern English Speaking cities in Australia and New Zealand were founded during the nine-teenth (post-colonial) century-era.

Ghenghis Kahn was a different type of leader who brought a different style with him, but it is indeed reminiscent of the expansion that many empires of utilized in World History.  What was the Golden Horde?  What do Historians know about it?

Ghenghis Kahn, in Chinese, founded what Chinese people today call "The Yuan Dynasty" or "元朝" (pronounced Yuan2 Chao2).  The words Yuan means "original" or "fouding" and so when you hear about dynasties in Chinese History, the first dynasty to be recognized since the original construction of the Great Wall of China 2,000 years ago was probably this.  Thousands of years ago, The Chinese People built a Wall around everything South of Mongolia, but centuries later, a "Giant Reaction" to all this was spearheaded by Genhis Kahn as his forces swooped South from Mongola into all parts of China, and eventually crossing the deserts and Himalaya Mountains.  According to the Internet, (Wikipedia) Ghenghis Kahn lived from approximately 1162 until 1227.

Genghis Khan
Khagan of the Mongol Empire
Image result for Genghis Khan
Genghis Khan or Temüjin Borjigin was the founder and first Great Khan of the Mongol Empire, which became the largest contiguous empire in history after his death. He came to power by uniting many of the nomadic tribes of Northeast Asia.Wikipedia
DiedAugust 18, 1227, Yinchuan, China
Did you knowGenghis Khan ranks first for male with the most children in history (1,000-2,000).

What did they do?  How did they live?  There is no leader past, present nor future who can "found an empire" through violence, repression and evil.  Anyone who knows the legends of Rome, hears that Alexander the Great used his armies to conquer all of the land surrounding the Mediterranean, but, in the process they did great things for the Mediterranean World.  They built roads, aqueducts, but most of all, they built "Coloso's" - those giant 2,000 year old "entertainment complexes" everywhere from modern-day Spain on Europe's Western Edge to Turkey and Asia Minor.

Ghenghis Kahn's legacy did indeed fall, and a new dynasty often referred to as "The Ming Dynasty" rose after Ghenghis and Kublai Kanh fell.  The Ming Dynasty (明代 or 明朝) is the Chinese word for "bright" or "brilliant."  The character Ming is literally a picture of the sun "日" and the moon "月" pushed together.  For hundreds of years, The Chinese have celebrated monks studying different types of meditation and spiritual forms of consciousness in Monasteries.  Is it possible for a monk to harm a mosquito and still be thought of as benevolent?  This is not the same principle as the (old - 300 years ago) Spanish concept of "Hidalgo," but it is similar.  The Ming Dynasty in China survived on hundreds of years bringing opera, artists, and entertainers as far West in Asia as what is today Eastern Europe.  The new, late 20th and 21st century rise of the People's Republic of China has a rennaisance of it's own as land-trains are being built that stretch from Shanghai all the way to parts of Bulgaria and Eastern Europe.

Forbes Magazine:

2 Days From China To Europe By Rail? Russia Going For High-Speed Cargo Trains


These are about large scale high-speed railway being developed all around East Asia - all the way to Europe:

The first arrival of the Central European Brigade in Vienna

Li Keqiang invited the leaders of Central and Eastern European countries to take the Chinese high-speed rail.

Xi Jinping met with Serbian President Vucic.

View the "five-pass" transcripts from the "Changan" freight list. (China - Uzbekistan)

The first "Tangshan-Antwerp" CEIBS arrived in Belgium (China - Europe Rail).

These are trains related to Tibet and the old Mongol silk road:

The Mila Mountain Tunnel of the Lalin High-grade Highway on the Sichuan-Tibet Line runs through the whole line.

Li Keqiang inspected the railway construction site in Tibet: Expanding effective investment to accelerate infrastructure construction in the central and western regions.

The Qingdao Multimodal Transport Center was officially opened.

The construction of the girders of the section of the Mongolian Railway in Hubei Province is in progress.

Here is an article about the "Potala Palace" in Tibet, and the associated article.

Li Keqiang came to the Potala Palace Square to exchange photos with the citizens.

Here are other articles from the Premier's visit to Tibet -the Headquarters of the Khanate:

Li Keqiang: I hope that the great unity of all ethnic groups is like the monument of the Tang and Tibet dynasties

Li Keqiang inspected cultural relics protection at the Potala Palace in Lhasa.

But what does it mean to "rejuvenate?"  What does the word Renaissance mean in English?  In French, the word began as painters portrayed the old Roman Empire of the Italian Peninsula, almost 1,500 years after it had fallen.  But that's all about how Europe once "ruled the world."  The famous quip was "the sun never sets on the Spanish Empire."  For the Mongols, "The Golden Horde" rode horses, and didn't sail many ships.  They brought their own opera, singing and monks.  "The American's" at their height, once stretched their expanse all the way from the tip of the Korean Peninsula to as far East as West Berlin.  What kind of "respect" or "culture" did they bring with them in their travels?  The answer is their parts of the world for which American's had a lot of interest, zest, and zeal - and there were many parts for which they did not.  Generally, the greater the number of USMC / soldiers that a territory was "infested with" - the less likely that territory - those people - got anything out of "the relationship."

Today, the City of Berlin doesn't look much different than it did 100 years ago.  The US Military's occupation did not produce reams of sky-scraper-laden city-skylines.

No, westward expansion was not always pretty, but US Marines wielding M-16's was not how modern day Texas or California was settled. The music, the movies, the sky-scrapers came here en-masse during the 20th century.  Any place where English was commonly spoken was easily influenced by the Western's

Renaissance means "to revive" or "rejuvenate" the old ways of past civilizations, countries and governments.  It is supposed to revive the best parts of past human-achievements, and try to look past and leave out the greater failures.  The Roman's, though very entertaining with their Coliseums, had the occasional penchant for public abuse practices - as everybody knows - Julius Cesar proverbially "fed Jesus to the Lions" - which was had become common in later Roman Times, and the primary reason that the Roman Empire no longer exists.  Why as American's (or former-Americans) should we ever be told that "The United States Military" or our "soldiers in uniform" or "first responders" are the greatest American's to which we ought pay our respect?   What is respectable about uniformed authority?  What the American Construction Worker did for the city of Dallas, San Francisco, Chicago during the 20th century... What the legions of real estate developers building stores, homes, apartment complexes, and sky-scrapers built should be remembered as America's greatest legacy.

Just look at the face of Berlin and Paris today!  They aren't speaking English, and they didn't exactly appreciate hordes of soldiers pouring in on D-Day or the holocaust that ensued.  My own parents spent time living in Germany in the 1960's, one working in industry, and one on an Air Force base, never-the-less, the "Americanization" that occurred in Europe was never total, nor very complete.  Why?  All the USMC did in Europe "build a wall" around the old influence of the failing Russian Empire.  40 years later when the Berlin Wall was finally torn down by the German Population in 1989, most of Europe celebrated.  That wall divided the Russian Sphere of Influence from the American Protectorate countries after World War II.

And look what we get out of it...  A master race of nobles masquerading as "press" screaming every fifteen minutes about "those crazy Americans" trying to build another Berlin Wall - this time around Mexico?  And what good does it do any of us?  The population break-downs of people speaking Spanish today in places like California is sky-high.  The population thinning of the white-race in the 1980's has led places like Dallas, Los Angeles and other cities in the South-West to have seen dramatic increases in the percentage of people of Latin descent.  Is this a fault?  No, in the 1990's under Bill Clinton, the US government encouraged Mexican's to immigrate here.  So many in Dallas had died in the violence that WMD had caused around the Dallas area, that there were no people to run the businesses.

In 1991, I was 16 years old.  I worked at a store that sold Ice Cream and Hamburgers.  This store was a nice restaurant, but in Richardson, on any given day of the week, the entire city wouldn't have more than 1 or 2 open restaurants selling food at all.  When governments openly promote the exact opposite of "Renaissance" - authoritarianism and brutality through armed militants - what you get is slavery.  I don't like having in the neighborhood of 500 fast-food franchises in my city - and I really don't like electronic / biological warfare implant-slaves working at these stores.  And mind-control is all you will ever get from "revivalism of the soldier."

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Cold-Blood. The Rise of Counter-Intelligence (1995-2008) in the "former" United States of America

It was 1989 - the fall - and I was fourteen years old.  I was living in the penultimate "North Dallas Suburb" of the City - Richardson.  Calling it a "violent place" was the kind of thing that people today don't understand - or even remember - at all.  I was at a middle school in Richardson at the time, and all of us had seen many of our teachers and friends die, often in front of us, at the hands of a regime that was beginning to form of former and current "USMC" and "Police."  Nobody who had "served their country" in the Vietnam War ever thought of themselves as particularly relevant to anything noble or anything criminal.  Often the difference between a soldier, a constructor worker, and the miscellany of society was what side of the bed he woke up on in the morning.  To the kids in Dallas, the 1980's were about quite a few different major forces in society.  When you hear the words "America" or "United States" - back then - it conjured images of the world's largest cinder-cement block flying through sky - only hoping you got out of the way before it hit you.

There wasn't a lot of order, but generally the "center of life" was the local school system, and many many kinds and parents would show up there to say hello. In 1989, though, one of probably 2 dozen "incidents" that I could write about - and did write about when I was younger - occurred that resulted in the death of, yet another, best friend of mine.  His name was Adam Snow, and he died a few days after a hand-grenade was lobbed at him while playing basketball on the indoor basketball court at the local school.  The USMC were wearing their full-military camouflage, and had brought their litany of what I used to call "ultra-violent" accouterments - bazookas, hand-grenades, and rocket-propelled grenades with them.   To get this straight, the 1980's weren't about "vendettas."  They weren't about lynch-mobs running through the streets fortifying their own gang-factions at all. People died, huge percentages of the population died in the years that spanned the Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush years.  Nobody ever particularly intended my friend Adam Snow to have his legs blown off with a hand-grenade, courtesy of "Our Heroes" at age 14, it just kind of happened that way.  He was the first friend I ever had in Dallas after moving to this city in 1982 - when I was 7.

Their is a famous scene that "My Master" (of today, 2018) likes to play to me from the 1979 movie Rambo with Sylvester Stallone.  I that scene, which is right during the last 5 minutes of the movie, where the "crazed marine" returning from the wars in Asia, breaks down completely to a friend and tells of the hopelessly traumatic experience of a small Asian Child bringing a shoe-box to his friend only to have it explode.  "My friend is all over me!  My friend is all over me!" Mont-senior Rambo (Stallone) proclaims before he breaks down and turns himself in for his private war in the Washington State.  It was an "extremely violent" movie by any standards, but the last five minutes the American People were forced to perceive that no matter how unpopular the war in East Asia was - which had been raging (on & off) since that fateful day on December 7th, 1941 - the soldiers who were returning had become very crazy, and very lost.  Acts of violence in the United States had become common, and people needed to think about preventing more war - both at home and here in North America.

My master loves to play that five minute clip in the T.V. that was surgically implanted in my eyes/ears during the 1990's to remind me that the reason he works "The Department's Brain Control Operations" is because there was a lot of violence, and the biggest purporter of it was - as we all know today - the arsenal of democracy (Weapons of Mass Destruction) usually combined with a severe hang over from "the parties" that the Dallas Citizenry construction and sky-scraper engineering teams would celebrate before (and often during and after) the completion of a major or minor sky-scraper project; both in the center of Dallas and even the North Dallas suburbs.  The National Guard, around here in Texas, was always sort of a myth.  Going to "Fort Hood" was something lots of people were capable of doing, but so was construction work building, home building, sky-scraper engineering, and even smaller city-engineering projects like water-towers and electricity towers.

"My friend is all over me, My friend is all over me!" is a phrase that I've had ringing in my ears for quite a few years since 2012, 2013 etc.  Yes, that fateful day in the gymnasium, my friend didn't notice what was going on.  People were often very tired.  There wasn't always food trucks like we have today delivering mountains and mountains of Walmart produce to every street corner in the city.  At our school, the lunch line would sometimes remain closed at lunch time for weeks.  Kids were told to pack a lunch from home, or go hungry.  I guess he was tired and hungry that day while we were playing basketball, because I remember running into the furthest corner of the gymnasium to cover my ears and hide every inch of my body behind the bleachers to avoid the shrapnel.  "Grenade! Run!" I was screaming at them.  When it went off, that day in 1989, I had to run to pick him up and carry him outside to a bench by the school and try to prevent the bleeding.  I was covered in parts of his legs, and blood, crying like I did sometimes.  The ambulances at the recently constructed Richardson Medical Center down the street were never running.  Finding a living soul inside the hospital wasn't always easy.  One of the coaches picked him up, and drove him to the hospital that day.  He didn't die, though.  In fact, the following Monday he came to class in a wheel chair with no legs sitting in geometry class trying to tell a little of story - in so much pain and agony that he wasn't able to say much.  He was a goner, I could tell, and one day the bandages came off, and all he sort of bled to death in front of all of us.  Nobody knew what to do.  We had seen such events happen on an almost monthly basis in Richardson, and the phrase "anesthetized to the site violence" was really the center of everyone who grew up in the 1980's were all about.

But none of this is what I really want to write about today.  Yes, the Marines were around all the time.  They loved to wear their starch-pressed "tighty whiteys" around - looking like Marines, and they did (from time to time, once in a while).  There is a corner in Dallas today, where they would sleep in tents pretty often, and pretty easily.  Waiting for another housing-construction start to occur, or another sky-scraper building job.  Sometimes they would sleep in tents on the corner for months on end, smoking cigarettes, or whatever they could find.

To those who lived through it, you may remember, but if you have been implanted, you probably don't.  To me, when my friend Eric Vroonland died that same year when I was 13 by a 57 Magnum blast to his face while sitting next to me in class, by 1993, all I said to myself - usually - was well, yeah, "He wasn't my best friend" and also, "I guess he must have moved to Arizona" (since I hadn't seen him in 5 years.  Once in a while, I would remember the old "57" and say, one day I'll change things.  As I turned 16, 17 and 18, I knew that before all else, becoming "a bad guy" was the same was "becoming a police" or "joining the army" - and put every nerve fiber and sinew I had into my learning and my studies.  My dad had gone to Harvard University in 1960.  My grandfather had had Wall Street Offices in the 1940's and 50's, and my dad occupied a building next to the NYSE when he graduated from Harvard in 1962.  I had seen the police shoot quite a few of my friends (children) and take their life - mostly out of total fear and total lack of comprehension of what was occurring.  I knew violence was a pretty stark thing to face, and in the U.S.A. joining the police department (to me) was tantamount to saying, I have know idea what to do about all this.  At the very least, police officers get to stay safe - often at the expense of the people they print in the newspapers that they control who are being protected by them!  Two other friends that year, Tim Mellon and Eric Gatlin were shot, for instance, point blank range by the police at age 16 for fist-fighting, and they died.  And their bodies were left out front of the school for weeks.  Others, teachers and many kids for God's sake, paid with their lives for that "police protection" that the authorities were so won't to provide.  The families of Texas and other states in the Union paid the American Government with their lives for those Marines and Police Officers livelihood.

But no, this blog-post doesn't need to be about "The Violence that Rocked America" during the age of the (crazy) old man, Ronald Reagan President #40, and his little C.I.A. friend GHWB President #41.  No, this is supposed to be about "Counter Intelligence" and the rise of the mind-control state in continental America today.  As I have said, the violence was random, senseless, un-targeted, and never really fueled by anything at all other than fear, various (and extremely debilitating effects of controlled substances), and other losses in society.  Many of my teachers had perished (if not most!) of my grade-school, high-school, and middle-school teachers had given their lives in the service of education before I was even 18 years old and on my was to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology where I went to college.  As I said, my dad had gone to (what used to be called) the most prominent University in the Ivy League (if not, the world), and that school was just a 45 minute walk down Massachusetts Avenue from M.I.T.  I was accepted, but decided that a real education simply could not leave out the sciences or mathematics.  Their are exchange programs between the two places, and I did, indeed, take "transfer classes" to study some of the more advanced levels of Mandarin Chinese as a foreign language down the street since M.I.T. didn't offer anything past third year Chinese.  I had already taken an international flight to "The Republic of China" before even enrolling at school, to see about "The Yellow Man" or the people with whome the USMC and U.S. Army had waged war for almost 35 years - prior to fighting things out in Dallas, TX during the 1980's festivities.

At the center of all of this, needs to be kept in mind the value of education, knowledge and a desire to discover things as an alternative to ignorance.  In the century that led up to the Rise of China which was in full force by 1992, words like "governmental exam system" were pretty common in China, and ought to have been very common knowledge for anybody in the American University System, "academia," to think about.  People who  think about power being wielded from the barrel of a gun, a hand-grenade, a rocket propelled grenade, or an F-15 rarely have the insight one needs into the human qualities that make a society.  Of all the Marines that ever lived, I would argue that "Gomer Pyle, USMC" would probably be thought of as the most memorable soldier in American History.  I don't actually know if Gomer Pyle ever actually fought in the European or Asian theaters of war during the 40's, 50's or 60's, but the "Golly Sergeant Carter" was usually a harbinger of some very low-grade IQ.  I mean, that was the point of the TV show!  This man is the smartest guy.  (Usually funny, though).

"When all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail."

In the 1980's, as I have said, CONSTRUCTION was the center of anything considered to be "progress."  That's what American's did to make America.  What began in 1909 with the world's first skyscraper, "The Woolworth Building" in lower Manhattan, New York City (built by F.W. Woolworth, owner of Woolworth's Stores) continued for almost 9 decades (90 years).  The city I lived in until 1993 was literally built out of the ground in the 1970's and 80's.  When my dad first got to Richardson Texas 75080 - we lived on the "edge of town."  It was a beautiful house, though it was completely rebuilt in 1984 after living their for two years.  For a little while, a neighbor donated some chickens which frolicked in our front yard.  Growing up, I literally watched the city-line move North, street, by street, by street.  Today it is at the point that I could drive for 30 minutes before even reaching "the end of civilization" of North Dallas from the home where I grew up, but in 1982, everything north of my home was farmland.  The "Force Majeur" or "The Great Construction" had been building a University (now University of Texas at Dallas) just a couple of blocks away from my home.  I remember my second grade year our Teacher (Mrs. Gobin) putting all the kids of a school bus one time to drive to the farmland two blocks North where the University now sits to go out and pick bell peppers, cotton, and other various vegetables.  To keep some of this in perspective, for those who do not know much about Texas Pollen or Texas Ragweed, it used to be a tremendous problem.  So much civilization and construction has changed a lot of things, but weeds were everywhere, and I came home that day with such a serious case of sinus problems, that I went to see the school nurse.  You know what they fed to me that day?  Cocaine.  For those who don't know, even drugs were not thought of as "that bad" when I was younger.  Just the tiniest drop in the nose will cure a sinus problem immediately, and the kept some in the school medical center.

I wrote a lot about the stories when I was getting ready for college.  Today, I have a brain-control guy (I like to call him "My Master") and he orders me around, and plays old movies in my brain all the time.  I don't know the number of people in Dallas who, today, 2018, have been implanted with electrical circuits in their bodies.  But this is what began in 1995.  I don't actually know what I would remember about my childhood or my early life here in Dallas if I had not written those journals.  I did write them, I wrote dozens or hundreds of pages, and YES, they were seized in 1995, 1996 etc and stored on government computers that are still here in Dallas (and probably Washington D.C.) too.  The story about coming home telling my dad at age 8 about how great Cocaine is at clearing up sinus, courtesy of the school nurses is something I think of quite strangle.  Anyways, I often have both my own, and the parents and even (former) friends journals read to me throughout my day, today, September 2018.

In 1995, the "factional remnants" of the U.S. Government began a different policy.  The words "Force Majeur" are really the best way to describe so much of life prior to 1995.  The answer is difficult to explain!  If I decided that I had some really great ideas - it would be tantamount to telling rooms full of dudes who had carried bazooka for a while, and shovels and construction equipment and other points in their life that "Hey!  Why don't we forget about all this stuff, and try my idea!"  Who the hell are you is the type of mentality that people had.  I don't know, I don't know who you are.  Are you one of those crazies that will shoot me tomorrow?

Who are these "bad boys" of today?  Where are they?  Many of them have aged 20 years since the human-experiments started.  Where did they go?  Were are they working?  Who is there?  Well, let's just say they aren't a crack squad of Harvard Graduates or M.I.T. educated engineers sitting in the offices of "The Encampments At" the Texas Instruments Sprawl or (some, but not all) of the North Dallas Sky-scraper office space.  Earlier I brought up the concept of "government exams" are one great way to weed out day-time experimenters in government and leadership.  In the U.S. in 1993, one "fledgling attempt" at such a concept was the "College Board Examinations."  The college boards include things like "A.P. Chemistry" tests.  There are College-Board tests for English Literature, History, World History, Physics, Calculus, Biology, Computer Science and even Music.  These are the kinds of tests that determine whether a person is capable of leading.  The kinds of people who ought to be weeded out are almost identical to the "Talking Idiots" that are seen on televised broadcasts today.  Just because you  have formed a "Conservative Opinion" about abortion, doesn't mean you know the difference between a capacitor, and resistor, or a work by Doestoyevksy.  Modern city electric grids are built with transformers (inductors) and power-plants that require upkeep.  Having a broad-liberal education about a lot of things is important if you want to lead people to a brighter tomorrow.

The problem we faced could be described with things like this:  "O.K. Torello (my name), these schools are so violent so how are we supposed to get this 'education' of which you so brazenly and often speak?"  And, they were violent.  In year 1992, I had been studying my homework assignments six hours a night sometimes.  I saw the path forward, and accepted that become a police officer to curb the violence was the precise reason we had violence.  Armed, radicalized, militants ran everything.  I buried myself in books.  In the years I was in High School I, literally, brought home from the school (after finding the following objects on the floor) hand-grenades, shot-guns, bottles of prescription pills, and every kind of assortment of paraphernalia and weaponry one could think of.  I tried to dump them at the local police station, but they mostly yelled at me for it.  Do you know what it is like to try to defuse a "pressure cooker explosion maker?"  I do.  Somebody pulled the fire alarm one day and we all ran out of class, and their was one sitting in the hall.  I spent two hours myself, thinking about what to do.  There was a 911 (police department) to call, but those guys would show with more weaponry then you could shake a stick at.  I eventually realized it was "kind of a dud" and brought in a thing to cover my ears, a rope, and a firm piece of metal to protect me.  Mostly, with shielding, not going deaf is the main target.  I turned the device on its side, and dumped it in the little ponds that were near the school that day.  Classes were held the next morning - with the litany of serious students who attended all the college-board classes, and the looneys who didn't care, and wandered the halls.

So who were these looneys?  Where did they go to work?  What do they do know?  Where are all these "soldiers" who did so much damage to my childhood friends that by the time I was 18 and at college, all I could tell people was that "Texas is not really a 'white state' (mostly white-people)" at all.  I didn't have any teachers I could tell my college professors about who really knocked my socks off.  I mean, I did.  Those teachers that I had as a child gave everything they had to the students growing up.  And they did - in spite of police and military security.  I mean, those were the terrorists!

So where did all these terrorists go?  Did the Dallas Police and the United States Military face court marshaling over this?  Did the military-drug-WMD fueled rampages of the Reagan (#40) and Bush (#41) get reformed by government?  Not at all!  As "The Department Brain Control Offices" exploded, they took their solider and police uniforms off and began traficking human beings using the TV's that are in brains.

This *was* the Iraq and Afghanistan War - mostly a total lie, while the terrorists took the office towers of Dallas - construction as a way of life was slowed to a crawl.  They gave up their guns and their shovels, while "all the little lambs" trying to go to college got "free electrodes" shoved into their central nervous systems.  Free mind-control, at no cost to you!  As seen on TV!

And yes... they were, are, and probably continue to be openly at war with "intelligence."  That's what "Counter-Intelligence" means.  I don't like smart guys!  I am not with "The Intelligentsia."  And the school shooters we have had on TV for the past decade ought to be a testament to the types of people who run this country from the shadow of lock-down office tower.

Thursday, September 13, 2018

It's the drugs stupid! (An excerpt from a conversation with my brother Charles)


>  It opened my eyes to a world that, truly, has lead me to Arizona,

What opened your eyes to creeks and walking in the creek is HER0INE.  Period.  End of Story.  They (the rogue government) drug you.  They drug with HER0INE for going to the creek - and they drug you with destabilizing anti-psychotic "punishment" narcotics for entering the premises of University of Texas at Dallas, S.M.U., or just about any place where you would learn things.  They use the water-faucet in your home, the coffee machines at Starbucks to do these dastardly deeds.

And especially for tying to enter or set foot in office-tower floor-space.

You should be demanding they be hanged for these crimes.  Drug dealers are not from Mexico, they are from (former) Bank of America office space.

lost my family - I know you will never care about me at all - and in all fact - there is so little to care about anyway!  I have been drugged for years - my brain is half "HER0INE Junky."  The librarians here are part Heroine Junkie's.  I've never snorted, or shot a needle, or popped a pill - it's in the Water Fountain here.  Sometimes I'm "really happy" sometimes I'm not.  

Look at mom and Gary.  Have you ever seen Gary Sr.'s arm?  It is covered with blood-clots (black-and-blue marks)  Years of involuntary drug abuse make sores come up on the human body.  They drug my parents.  I want the people in the North Dallas Bank Office Tower dead.  I want them to die. They are in there controlling the Walmart trucks, the McDonald's trucks, the Office Depot trucks, the surveillance cameras and Android Phones, and the bank-account web-sites....

And the covert drug repositories and chip-implants in the slaves in the stores that surround North Dallas Bank.  My Master is reading this e-mail as I type it.  All they are doing is capitulating they should be fed to wild animals for lunch.

Ralph Torello
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On Wednesday, September 12, 2018, 11:04:09 PM CDT, Charles Torello <> wrote:

The photo in the canoe is Garland. It is Rowlett Creek, where 78 crosses over it, near Firewheel Mall. That was an Odyssey, mon frere! Here Rowlett Creek turns due south into Lake Ray Hubbard. The hydrology of a land is fascinating. And what better way to explore it than by canoes?

But, of course, the governing hydrology is that of the Trinity River, the canoeing of which for the first time in May 2007, from Downtown Dallas to South Dallas, created one of happiest memories in life.

The photo of the woman walking along the creek was along Cypress Creek well west of Austin, near a magical place called Krause Springs. I don't know if that woman is with us anymore. She may have died already. But, I am grateful she showed me western Travis County, It opened my eyes to a world that, truly, has lead me to Arizona, where I am grateful to God to be at.

On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 11:20 AM Ralph Torello <> wrote:

When you ask me to "prove all my points" about the government, I just get so embarrassed and humiliated.  It is EVERY SINGLE DAY that I HAVE TO deal with them.  When I start screaming about "generalized stupidity" for everybody:
  • I know it's not the "healthiest" way to view life (Calling people "stupid").
  • We are not living in "Ordinary Times" either - we aren't, and I explain why...
  • I also know, doing useless/pointless/manual-labor things don't require thought!!!
  • I know THEY (in the office towers) LOVE THAT - they are easy slaves
  • It means they (the slaves) will never know what it is like to try to think with an eye-socket-implant and ear-drum-implant - and ... listen to these people ALL DAY LONG.  It comes from years of arguing and (eventually) literally developing Hypertension and even blood-pressure/heart-disease from it.

Monday, September 10, 2018

"The Great American Bypass" - bypassing college educations, bypassing the police, bypassing elected officials, and bypassing inchoate & early forms of over-site

It was 1995, and I had been forced (by terrorist factions of the American Government) to return from an attempt to flee the United States - hopefully until the day I died.  I had been living in a small island off the Chinese Coast, namely Taiwan, the Republic of China.  I had been admitted to many major American Universities including: Harvard, M.I.T., Stanford University near San Francisco, and of course Yale in Connecticut.  I had chosen to go to M.I.T./Harvard in Cambridge Massachusetts, which is a more urbane way of saying Boston on the Northern Edge of America's East Coast.  Technically, so to speak, I had "matriculated" at M.I.T. - meaning I enrolled at the Technical University, but of course, Harvard is a 45 minute walk down the street, and I eventually registered for foreign language classes there also.  My freshman year involved, of course, a fraternity - and all the rituals that had become part of the experience.  I wanted deeply to be living at a dormitory, but M.I.T.'s dorms were mostly dysfunctional and lacked any real student body.  I was, well, 18 and knew that words like "Utopia" meant I would go to college and only focus on my studies, quietly, without worrying about other people, but since other people are part of learning, I ignored the offer to live at "Baker Dorm" which, indeed, was mostly cleared out before the end of the semester.

People in this country used to face the word "bureaucrat" with some amounts of both shame and respect for "the problem" - and not so much "the office."  The roots of this issue, of course, lays in the Office Towered Skyline that are promoted as the center of almost every major American City.  If you have any mind at all, which is what the villains of "The Department" with their computerized thought control software steal from millions every day of the week, then your mind would recognize how pronounced an Office Tower really is in American Society.  The history of the world is long and storied, and, obviously, the further back in time a historian tries to reason, the fewer facts he has at his disposal that are of a written nature.  Paper doesn't survive thousands of years, and nobody has an "original copy" of the books by Socrates or Plato.  Furthermore, artifacts like the hieroglyphics on the inside of the Egyptian pyramids are written in languages that no longer exist in the world.  So, nobody knows with certainty what they say at all, but scholars have handed down stories for thousands of years.  This extremely short paragraph covering 6,000 years of history should read to one very seminal point.  It goes something the quantity, or "the number of" major world civilizations that have dotted the face of the earth is not a large number.  The minor government-like or religious-like societal phenomenon have dotted the face of Continental Europe, Africa, & Asia - there was only one "Roman Empire."  There was only one "Egyptian Civilization".  The Timurid's from Mongolia who reached from Mongolia, north of China, reached all the way to the hills of the Ural mountains in Russia at a very specific point in World History.  And of course, there was only one American Regime.  It lasted for quite a while, flowered and thrived for almost 100 years.  Just remember, when asked, what did the American's do with their time?  If you were playing a game show, thee "number one answer" would be: Construction.  They built Sky-Scrapers, they built bridges like the Brooklyn Bridge, and the Tri-Borough Bridge, they built Airports, and they built homes.

What did that leave us with?  Well, today, here in Dallas, the Downtown Dallas city skyline is mostly like, what I like to call "a monument to absolutely nothing."  Some of them are nice to look at.  There is one called "Comerica Office Bank Tower" and, mostly, I think a few people walk into and out of it every day of the week.  It could probably employ 10,000 people - if they tried. I've tried, myself, to explain that "I have a Master, and I am a slave."  This is true for a very large percentage of the population of Dallas.  In the American (former) colonies on the East coast, in Year 1870 after the end of the civil war, which was almost one-hundred and fifty years ago, The Congress used titles like "The Majority Whip" and "The Minority Whip" in order to prevent slavery from every wielding it's destructive effects on the land.  Slavery ends a lot of things.  The fact that today, in 2018, people still here about The Civil War in parlance on television should be indicative at how successful the Post-Civil-War era was at respecting the rights of workers and laborers in this country.  The feeling one get's from words which I have already said, Rockefeller, Carnegie, Morgan are words of heads of "Corporations" (whatever that is) who employed thousands of people.  They paid them, and it was never enough.  They would strike for higher wages, and today when people talk about slavery they really ought to keep in mind who bore the brunt of low-wage labor - white immigrants from Europe who, indeed, did have to join labor organizations like the AFL, CIO, Knights of Labor, etc to keep maintain a level head.

But, before having any conniption fights about Black Slavery or White Slavery, which would require volumes before the words would have much meaning, a simple way of thinking about "The Rise of America" is: people (usually white, but other races were included) became slaves to Rockefeller, The Corporations, The Almighty Dollar.  That's what America was until the 1940's and 1950's when war finally "broke out" in Europe and in Asia.  The "Great Two-Front War," otherwise known as WWII ended a lot of the Industrial Revolutionaries power.  Yes, the workers were paid by Corporations, but no, (if you know your history), the salaries weren't very high and the work could be very back-breaking.  Yes, the Americans continued to work for large industrialists like Andrew Carnegie et al. because hey were building a brighter future for their children.  The Americans were building homes in West-Chester County, New York.  They were building offices in Manhattan.  They were building Woolworth and A&P stores in a land, North America, that up-to-then did not have much in the way of civilization.  In 1870, there really were bison and buffalo in the Chicago Illinois and surrounding area; and cows eating grass in the streets of New York City.  The civil war had taught "The American People" (if that's what you wish to call it, but you don't have to) that the people needed to modernize the land where they lived if they ever expected a prayer of making America and New York "a livable place."  When you hear words like "The Third World" that is usually a harbinger that your listening to a radicalized nationalist who is trying to relive "The Greatness" (the construction of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania - commonly referred to "The Tri-State Area"), but is not actually adding a thing to today's political situation

Anyways, that's all by-the-by.  American History is promoted, printed, trivialized and even bastardized, on TV all the time today.  But what about "the slavery?"  Well, asking the right questions is the most important part.  How does "Modern Day Slavery" function?  I hear those words on the televised news channels all the time.  I tell people in my family about what slavery is like, because I am a slave, and getting at the heart of "how it works" means getting to know the "current regime" of the (former) United States.  Here are the questions:
  • How can a man force another man to work?
  • How can a man (or woman) make another person live according to the former's wishes?
  • Specifically what "ways and means" do the people of the old New York Ways & Means Committee employ today?
  • Can I really force a human being (male or female) to work for a franchise (like Walmart, Starbucks, etc)?  If so, how?
This is the crux of what the "Minority Whip" was about.  This is why they called the man "Honest Abe Lincoln."  The number one cause of abuses of power stem from dishonest and lying to large numbers of people.  Don't kid yourself, lying to people from positions of power is a crime of regimes that has existed since God created man (or after he climbed out of the trees - whichever metaphor you prefer).  By the way, I heavily emphasize the words "metaphor," because nobody has proof of a "missing link" to back up the evolutionists views and, obviously, Jesus was a carpenter prior to his career as a profit, and therefore he isn't always "my best friend" either - I mean, I am a slave!  Religious fanatics rule this country and brag about it on TV seven days a week.  That's why we have slave-trafficking, drug trafficking and sex-trafficking.  Lincoln was an honest man, but when honestly leaves the regime and hides behind gargantuan walls of anonymity a.k.a. "The Office Towers", dishonesty become the rule and the norm.  Radicalism means just that, nothing makes sense, sensible words never come out.  Disinformation, cacophony, and total nonsense are the bread and butter of a slave trafficker.

So, anyway, here's the list of what office tower employees "masquerading" as "white collar employees can do:
  • They chip your eyes, and you can be forced to see things.
  • They chip your ears, and you will hear "low-volume" broadcasts of their own.
  • If they want your passwords on the computer, they are easy to get... Ask you through your ear-chip.
  • They can chip your thyroid to make you happy, sad, and upset.
  • Even your genitals, stomach and sphincter.
  • And, of course, the usual suspects: surveillance, financial network surveillance, and access to computer databases that have been built all over the country for the past 30 years.  If my password is available to the "Master Race" (which probably includes all kinds of people with different skin-colors - not whites at all) ... Then monitoring what I buy / where I go is still the same problem that the intelligentsia has tried to point out to the public, before they were purged, since the 1980's, when purges became an issue.

And how have they done this?  Well, this is what organized crime is great at.  Here in the North Dallas Area, my Master sometimes work in a building that simply says "Zurich" at the top of it.  He works in an office that has human traffickers surrounding him - and keep in mind, before all else - the fact that I am typing this blog is ought to be arousing in your mind, if you are "such a slave" the really pressing and important question: "How?"  If you are a slave whose thoughts are controlled, how do you write?  The answer is, My Master has granted me the right to talk.  On recurring consequence of experimenting on people is idiotic (read: fake) inquisitions and interrogations on TV where everybody asks questions like "Did the CIA really water-board anybody?"  This is the center of disinformation.  I don't give a rat's ass about "water-boarding."  And, yes, chip implants can be used to torture people.  The torture can be very excruciating.  They can cause, depression, suicide, loss, and just about every single neurological, physiological, psychological, and medical problem that known to man.   Neurological, physiological, psychological and medical problems all have extremely well documented causes, and forcing somebody to do something as simple as "Eating Ice Cream everyday" is possible, even routine, when the white-collar "agents" (for lack of any other term when referring to these people) which can literally cause both diabetes and even dysentery (sick guts).

Here is what these people (the new "Master Race" or "Master Class") don't do:
  • Go to college, nor get educations
  • Promote "the sanity" of the sciences, math, or art-history with their control mechanisms
  • Answer to police authority of any kind.
  • Answer to financial over-site of their own operations.... a.k.a.  "I own a copy of the credit-card printing machine up here in my office - and nobody can stop me, NOBODY."
  • And, of course, traditional "power systems" like democratic elections, judges, courts, etc.
Education and schooling can be a great thing.  A man who includes such things in his life bases himself in logic, reason and morality - as best as he can - throughout the course of his life.  When a police department has officers who have been implanted with "Robo-Cop" like computer systems, those police can be trained to avoid interrogating anybody who works in The Zurich Building where my Master is currently employed.  Think about it: If I can decide if an officer of the law is allowed to even get out of bed in the morning, which is one of the easiest of all feats for chips that influence your central nervous system, I could avoid ever being arrested literally - ever - in my life!  The words "police-department" and crime would literally provide comfort and happiness to me, knowing I would never be subject to their watchful eye: all the while my enemies in society could be arrested, literally on my order, for any reason I saw fit.

The same goes true when "politicians" are implanted,  Politicians, are a people, or "an actor", as they are sometimes referred to on TV today, who when implanted with electronics, and are paid handsomely and given quit a bit of the good life.  The ultimate goal, unfortunately, has morphed into talking about absolutely nothing at all, all day long!  Nothing is what they say, absolutely NOTHING.  The second time I will say this is: This is the bread and butter of the regime.  Nothing makes sense, so do not try.  Only our authority has a shred of meaning.  Also, racism.

And this goes double for old-school American Justice like (who used to use titles) "judges." "courts," "lawyers."

And so the story goes, without any form of education - where "rulers" get in power "just because they want to" and are able to bypass all forms of traditional and normalized (read: human) ways of deciding whose smartest, brightest, most competent, ... well... really heinous abuses of power happen every day!