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Friday, August 10, 2018

This is news

Xi Jinping wrote the "Song of the Yangtze River" in the new era.
Xi Jinping escribió la "Canción del río Yangtze" en la nueva era.
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News is intended to be about constructive or munificent events in the world.  But what if a people or nation or rogue-government (for instance, that headquartered in Washington the District of Columbia) has not accomplished much, and has nothing to report?  They great accomplishments by the American People of the 20th century - mostly - were the building of massive sky-scrapers all around North America.  In Year 1909 construction of the Woolworth Building in Manhattan, New York City, New York, USA was begun - and it was completed in 1913.  This was news to the world.  It was the tallest working structure ever created by man - 5 to 10 times taller than almost anything every built in the world for the purpose of office space.  The Eiffel Tower in Paris is a little taller than this building, but it was not office space - mostly an empty shell with an elevator to the top floor observatory.

That was news... in 1913.
Today, on the "Wiki Encyclopedia" one may read about it here:
Wiki - Woolworth Building

Over the next six decades, The American People rolled out plans for construction of these gigantic - never before seen on the planet - structures all across the country.  The skyscraper dots the skylines of every major city in North America - including in places like Canada, Alaska, and even Mexico City.  In fact, most people used to ask "What building did they build in your city?" when confronted about American Cities.

Most major sky-scraper constructions ended in the 1980's.  In 1987, here in Dallas, The Comerica Bank Tower was completed - amidst massive amounts of violence and war-like behavior among the citizens of Dallas.

See: Wiki - Comerica Bank Tower (Dallas, 1987)

As of late, much of the news about the world is totally, TOTALLY suppressed through means so insidious, that words like "The Narrative" - are frequently told, which yet, to me, literally sound like "The Little Fairy Tale."  These little stories about Washington Political Cronies are told on the three State Controlled News & Media outlets, dictatorially broadcast on our population's cable boxes, are rife with opinions, insult, and both racial and faction motivated arguments.  These State Sponsored News Outlets - specifically: CNN, Fox, and MSNBC never make lasting claims to be factual - but rather routinely promote opinions, insults, condemnations, verbal attacks, demon-ization, and most preposterous: demoralization of each other and other crony-political entities in and around the District of Columbia.

Opinions are not news.  The hey-day of "The New York Times" printed lots of facts about American achievements.  Usually the paper would include little articles at the end of the paper called "The Editorial Section."  The first 20 pages of the New York Times printed stories, for instance, about the completion of The Empire State Building.  If writer's had any "extraneous opinions" the requirements of the paper would relegate their "opinion speech" to be restricted to the last page of the paper "The Editorial Section."  Fox vs. CNN has degenerated to only discussing these cronies opinions of each-other, and entire hour-long-productions are literally dedicated to picking apart these cronies arguments by name calling.

"Fake Fighting" is "Fake News"

The amount of money these people receive in an attempt to engender disharmony, dysphoria, discord, and distrust in the population keeps them rich, powerful, secure, protected and safe - while millions are told to fend for themselves on Starbucks, Walmart, and McDonald's salaries.

  • "Go back to work slave"
  • "Nothing to see here"
  • "Get a job, you bum!"  is what CNN & Fox are really trying to saying to you...

Being open minded is one of the "great goals" of any organization, party, group (or gangster network - really) that would seek to be a leader of souls or people.  Being number one in the world for an extended period of time is what it was like to be an American Political Leader in the later 20th century.  Unfortunately the drug and US Army fueled genocide of the 1980's and early 1990's here in the USA - alongside the later condemnation of "The Boogey Man" (or Boogey MEN, actually - Saddam, Bin Laden, Asad, etc.) resulted in America's place in the world falling apart.

Any nation that would seek to have "leaders who lead" ought to respect technological advancements, scientific achievements, and gubernatorial achievements abroad.  The People's Republic of China has literally "propped up" the American Economic Experience for almost 20 years.  100% of those flat-screen televisions that one may see are made in the P.R.C.  Those blenders, iPod's, iPad's, iPhones, new washers, dryers, electronic refrigerators, freezers, and much of the home & garden equipent available for purchase come from China.

This here is news, and America's State Run Press the "Racial & Insult Brigade" is not:

Xi Jinping wrote the "Song of the Yangtze River" in the new era.
Xi Jinping escribió la "Canción del río Yangtze" en la nueva era.
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