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Sunday, August 19, 2018

The New York Ways & Means Committee of today - Year 2018

How did the word "Ways & Means" become a popular phrase in the "American Psyche" or as is popularly referred to on T.V.  as "The American Lexicon"?  What is a way? What is a mean?  What were the "ways & means" of America's Early Years is the type of question that I often "find" myself thinking about.  I say find loosely because, I have said before, I have had a T.V. surgically implanted into my skull - my cranium - through some very dastardly "means."  A small micro-unit-sized speaker is capable of making just about any sound that a common stereo headset would emit.  It would have to be at a low enough volume so as to not run out of the battery-power that would be required to power a loud Apple iPhone or iPod that one listens to - the traditional way - using a pair of speakers that one wears over the ears.

In any case, yes, there are a lot of "Ways & Means" to go about things.  Some of them great, some not so great.  A very famous Chinese Philosopher named "Lao-Tzu" (or LaoZe) once stated that no road that any man has ever or will ever walk is "the eternal road."  No means that any mortal man will employ is "the eternal way."  The DOW - a common term that is practically used interchangeably for the words Wall Street - is phonetically the same word as the word "The Dao" (sometimes spelled Tao, but pronounced Dao in Chinese).  "The Dow" proved just that in 1929, for instance, when the entire system collapsed on "Black Friday" as the value of stocks plummeted.  The drop in value was so drastic, that the sum of all investments on the Street by some estimates was nearly 25% of the total market.  There was many a New Yorker who saw his entire net-worth dissolve in a single day.  Many suicides occurred in the days, weeks and months that followed.

Today things are different.  As imports from manufacturing facilities in the East - the Far East - the Wall Street "way" or "mean" or system has, indeed, been relegated to gangsters, crooked officials and money laundering.  Today, I sit here in a library of the Dallas Public Library System writing these thoughts, alone, as really horrible librarians chastise the public for any reason they can find.  These thoughts that I have, as I have explained, are indeed broadcast to my brain (eyes and ears) via a wireless connection that "My Master" has made to my body via antenna's and CPU's that wered implanted into my body (against my will - obviously).  I can hear him (My Master) type, talk and broadcast both audio and video signals from the office tower where he works, and via the computer at which he sits.  It is identical to hearing voices in my skull - so identical - that sometimes when I'm listening to these broadcast A/V signals, I can become a little "depressed" wondering what I'm hearing.

I can't always tell if one or two (or many) of the voices and other sounds that I have heard that day are the "biological part" of my brain generating voices, or if they are the "electronic part" of my brain yelling at me to provide orders about what I may think, where I may go, to whom I may speak, etc...  This, to me, is slavery.  I can be ordered to stay at home.  I can be ordered to go to school.  I can be - literally - psychiatricly tortured - until I have stopped doing something that displeases My Master.  On top of this, and though this all may seem interesting, but what is most interesting to ponder, is that after many years of this sort of psychiatric war-fare, "My Master" has granted me the right - the permission if you will - to speak in a way that is both critical (and critical in an accurate way!) about the regime that rules the "United States" (or former United States, as I like to refer to them) today.  I can complain until I'm blue in the face - but speaking about this systematic extermination of dissent - literally has required "those exterminators to agree that they are really bad and need to change."  In order for these slave-traffickers to allow condemnations - by me - of their offenses, I have to wait for the brain-software-module to order me to do so properly!  It is like waiting for Charles Manson or Jack the Ripper to just give up, turn himself in, and agree he did wrong - and then help is victims rather than hurting them!

In America of old, in its early days when New York City was just a proverbial twinkle in the eyes of more famous men like John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and Mont-senior Morgan - the most common way of "getting stuff done" was to float a stock on the stock-exchange.  A man named John Pierpont Morgan, who really ought to be thought of as the founder of the Wall Street Stock Market (the "NYSE"), did just that.  Today, the home in which Mr. Morgan lived was quite large.  It was for all intents and purposes, a small castle, and sits on real-estate in lower Manhattan on the West-Side of the Island.  Since Mr. Morgan's death 100 years ago in 1913, the home has been converted into a library which has been open to the general public today for viewing - and contains myriad books about all subjects as he was known as a devout reader.

Part-and-parcel with the "Rise of the People's Republic of China" has been a shift of technological strength away from North America - and directly towards scientists, manufacturers, inventors, and myriad kinds of laborers in China.  It would be "totally incredulous" for anyone with even a modicum level of education about the world to fail to see what the largest manufacturing, research, technological and scientific giant is in the world now.  Perhaps it does take some pride about oneself - a pride that can be derived from all sorts of means - to piece together what has happened in the world and realize who is number one vis-a-vis things like munificent (positive / beneficial) leadership.  For any man or woman who lives in the ("former") United States - being bombarded by authoritarian language proclaiming that "America is the Greatest Country on Earth" - makes understanding what to say when asked regarding facts about the world more difficult.

I personally had recognized as early as Year 1990 that so much of the mass-produced and advanced technology in the world had indeed already sprouted wings and flocked to Asia (from USA) in full-force by that decade (the 1990's). I will never forget having that first feeling when I was 15 years-old walking into a "Radio Shack Store" thinking that I was really going to find something in America that wasn't falling apart.  At age 15, I had already seen so much violence at the hand of the USMC and Reagan's "detente policies"  - that the words state-sponsored violence and state-sponsored terror has been appropriately used ever since.

That year, even the most cursory inspection of what was all of the neatest and coolest and latest video editing devices, HiFi tape-players, VCR's, Hard Drives, Memory Chips,  CD players and color TV's did truly reveal that the Nations of China, Korea, Taiwan & Malaysia had already become "where the cutting edge" was actually doing the cutting!  This phenomenon (Made In China) was the State of the Union in 1990.  This was before, for example, when words like "Bill Clinton" was anything anyone had ever even heard (except a few of us - who saw he ran for President in both 1992 and 1988).


BUT IT DOESN'T END AT RADIOSHACK - Walmart, Target, HomeDepot, Lowes, Pet-World, Macy's, Fry's, Best-Buy, and dozens of re-sellers of goods manufactured in the Pacific Rim dot the city-skylines across the 50 states.

Today, people no longer speak of the children, grand-children, or great grand-children of one of the most famous American Citizens - Mr. John Pierpont Morgan like they used to - even in years as as late as Year 1970.  For a long time, the type of banking that Mr. Morgan engaged "corporate banking" - was literally barred by law from associating with the more simple, personal-checking and personal-savings banks that the average citizen uses today.  That law, one named the "Glass-Stegal Regulation" was a law that prevented Morgan Guaranty Trust Company from being involved with people's personal checking accounts.  It was not struck down, actually until 1995, and almost immediately - 100 years after Morgan's famous business deals with Andrew Carnegie - J.P. Morgan branch banks began opening up around the United States.  By Year 2005, though, a parent company began renaming many of these branch-banks to simply "Chase Bank."

Most importantly, though, Mont-Senior Morgan's place of business, the original corporate headquarters of J.P. Morgan & Company, are still right there at the intersection of Broad Street & Wall Street - directly facing the famous-iconic Wall Street Stock Exchange.

Left: On the East Side of Wall Street is the original "House of Morgan."  Morgan's original work office.  The site of even a terrorist bomb-blast in year 1905.  It is preserved today as a museum, but as late as 1999, was a functioning office of the bank.
Right: On the West Side of Wall Street (across the street) is the "iconic" stock-exchange.  Largely a site of corruption and money laundering today, but, for what it is worth, was the source of a good work ethic and lots of money for building Manhattan Island and surrounding areas into the New York City that we have now.  In 1865, before this all started and at the terminus of the Civil War, there were literally cows & farmland to be seen on the island.

When an inhabitant of North America hears about greed and corruption on Wall Street - it was precisely that money that those bankers raised that built the New York City Skyline which it is today.  That sky-line is recognized throughout the world - as it was the first to ever have a skyscraper office tower at all.  In 2018, though, there are taller buildings than those in the USA.  The financial system that the bankers of 150 years ago utilized was so powerful, that a State like New York - which could have easily been called "lower than a third world country" in Year 1870 - went from having farms, cows, and dirt roads - to literally a 110-story office-tower, for example: The Freedom Tower where the 9/11 towers used to stand.

Why do I think about all of this?  Why is any of this important?  Well, be aware that goods manufactured overseas in Asia - are not paid for by anybody in this country.  Nobody is putting shrink wrapped dollar bills into FedEx Envelops and mailing them to Hong Kong.  What would a physical piece-of-paper dollar-bill be useful for in Hong Kong anyway?  Answer: almost nothing.  Sending "electronic dollars" via things like "electronic banking" to China would mean even less.  The U.S. Government would not and does not allow anyone who isn't even a citizen to start "buying things" like Real Estate.  Really, at the end of the day, Sam Walton of Walmart doesn't pay anything at all for the manufactured goods that are sold at Walmart Stores around the country.  That new color TV there was free to Sam Walton - and yet I am expected to pay $300, $500, $1000 or more!

Recently, one may have heard on the internet that Apple's Market Capitalization hit $1 Trillion Dollars.  When stocks like "Apple Corporate Stock" reach these kinds of levels - it is phenomenon that is nothing more than tantamount to the American Regime Deep-State flexing it's muscle and showing off it's corruption power in our faces.  When goods are taken off a boat that sails from the Port of Shanghai to the Port of New York or San Francisco - those goods are seized by nothing-less-than pirates here in the USA.  Why does Apple Headquarter's get to earn the money from the sale of the proceeds of an Apple iPod?  Why?  Apple Corporation has no more claim of ownership than a homeless man in a downtown New York homeless shelter.  Furthermore, just because factories in Southern China are churning out the latest technology to cities around the U.S. and all around the world - doesn't mean that New York Stock Exchange ticker symbols or NYSE investors had anything what-so-ever to do with those manufactured goods.  This is the heart of corruption in the (former) USA.  This is the heart of evil.  $1 Trillion dollars is 4 times the entire 1990 defense appropriations bill.  This is - literally the forming of a "Master Race" or even a "Master Class" that keeps power  any way that it can.  Corruption fosters more brutal means against people speak up.

I live with implants, and my master, using technology in my body, can wake me up in the morning.  He can put me to sleep at night.  He can make me start typing, stop typing, start reading a book, stop reading a book - literally almost anything he is willing to program his computer to do to me.  Yes, it is horrible.  Yes I have waited years for the right to even say a word to many people I know.  Yes, he has to approve even this document.

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