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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Statin Drugs, Blood-Thinners

Wikipedia: Statin Drugs
Wikipedia: Blood-Thinners

The ("U.S. Government" (or whatever the hell they should be called), was giving me quite a few medicine/drugs for all kinds of health related problems.  Statin drugs, for instance, are intended to free up blocked arteries, but can cause all kinds of severe pain and immobilization in the body.  In any case, I know this for two reasons:
  • They tell me about it all day long (brag about it) all the time
  • I felt all kinds of "different" effects in my body & mind.
  • I felt pain and immobilization in my body

So three:
  • I believe it to be true. (the part about being drugged with Cholesterol-Statin drugs in my water faucet for 6 continuous months)

The means by which these types of "Doctor Visits" for me are as follows
  • (Some) people's home/apartment water faucets are "wired up" with medicine & drug dispensaries.
I have explained to "My Master" 100, 110 different times that I would be perfectly willing to work with a "Medical Doctor" - only on the condition that the electrodes in my nervous system, and the TV surgically implanted in my brain were first removed.  I know:
  • Eating better
  • Changing Diet
  • Less Stress
  • More excercise change things a lot.

People who are "electronically implanted" have lives where they accomplish probably about 5% to 10% of the things they would have normally accomplished in life - had they not been neurologically implanted with the "Slave & Sex Trafficking Hardware" - which is supported by software run out of office towers.

I try to explain that *before all else* the single largest causes of Heart Disease, Stroke, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure & Kidney failure etc. is stress.  Stress leads to worse eating habits.  Stress leads to a complete inability to plans one's day, life and activities.  Stress can be causes by disagreement from an authority figure, and the constant arguing that it leads to.  When blood pressure goes up, people stop using more traditional forms of stress relief - for instance, taking it easy - and are forced to "instantly gratify" themselves on things like lots of Olive Oil, or Ding-Dong's & Ho-Ho's, big plates of deep-fried french fries, or even too much coffee/caffeine/tea.

I have wanted to program computers since I was in the third grade when I wrote my first "BASIC Software Program" on an Apple II-E in 1985 at Bowie Elementary's "Reach Program" for the "talented & gifted students."  (Oh, and as a "funny aside" - back then, the way you become a "talented and gifted student" is to have parents that will argue/care about it until they let you go.  If the parents didn't care, the student just sort of didn't get to go).

So, long-story short, I programmed beginning at age 10 (1985).  Now, for those of you who sort-of know about the "Office Tower Networks" making Android-Slaves @ restaurants & coffee shops in the DFW-Metropolitan area - and other parts of the (former) United States - for instance, NYC, Boston, etc. - then you will know that generally brain control cannot really "manufacture brilliance" nor can it "program geniuses to be geniuses".  One thing it is really good at is dehumanizing somebody until they are working as minimum-wage or manual-labor employees at a chain-franchise eating establishment.

Now, I have been abused many times by "The Software" as I call it.  For years it just called "The Matrix" or even "The D.H.S."  The people in the office apparently have stopped trying to come up with cute little names for all of this.  In years past, everything from Al-Qaeda, to Sinaloa-Cartel, to "The Taliban" and even "The U.S. Armed Services" has been used to, sort of, "shunt" any actual talk about the software that is being used by the employees in quite a few of major office towers that dot the city-skyline's of many major U.S. Cities.

Now, this software has as it's primary goal - to make you do what your Master or "Your Owner" wants you to do.  For some people, this hasn't been so much of a problem, and listing what qualities make such a concept easy - just look at the life-style, demeanor, and choice-of-diction or "speech" that anybody on television currently uses or employs on T.V. every day of the week.  That's right, you heard it, people on TV and the lifestyles they have are exactly what brain control software in the office tower is good at:
  • Fixing Old Cars, Building New Cars
  • Making Spaghetti, Cooking on a show
  • Cooking Cakes
  • Putting up dry-wall, painting houses
  • Singing on a "You've got talent" show
  • Reading nonsense on CNN, MSNBC & Fox News
  • Football, Baseball, basketball & sports

Things "Brain Control Software" cannot make you do:
  • Learning Physics
  • Studying anything intelligent
  • Learning mathematics, and testing out new mathematics
  • Programming a Computer
  • Business with Foreign Countries
  • Business @ Home - other than "calling truckers about inventory"
  • Learning any foreign language - not English
  • Learning any History/Culture not on TV
When somebody refuses to do any of the "stuff" or "activities" that comprise the former list - largely because he went to college, and had higher-hopes in life, he develops all kinds of problems with blood pressure.  A person's mood and happiness is attacked, and his general level of enthusiasm about life is tremendously reduced/destroyed.  When my stress goes up, my kidneys fail, and I get "itchy."  When my stress tries to "eliminate carbs" to lower my blood pressure, my blood sugar goes through the roof, because my body is always trying to "store sugar" in the blood-stream.

And why?  Well, we should have answers, now shouldn't we.

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