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Wednesday, August 22, 2018

On the nature of weaponized mental illness

The year was 1517, and the "Protestant Minority" of Europe was somewhat upset about the State of Finances, abuses of power, and other failures of the regime in the more dominant-Catholic part of Europe.  Do you ever wonder what percentage of the residents or "inhabitants" (regardless of their citizenship status) could answer questions like: "Who is Martin Luther, and what did he do?" or even, "How many years actually elapsed between Martin Luther King's speeches in Washington and the year in which the original Martin Luther posted his 95 complaints about the Catholic-Majority churches on the Church Door in Germany?"  Many buildings today all around the country have signs that say "Lutheran Church" out front.  That name, that word is derived from the name "Martin Luther" who history tells us was a reformist - a minority reformist - in the sense that the states in what is today simply called "Germany" were usually lower on the totem pole vis-a-vis more powerful states and powerful kings in Spain, France & Italy.  From the 1960's view-point (but probably not relevant today), being protestant and from Germany would be similar to being black and from Alabama or Mississippi (rather than New York or Philadelphia) - which is where the modern day MLK had his marches.

Ninety-five Theses
A single page printing of the Ninety-Five Theses in two columns
1517 Nuremberg printing of the Ninety-five Theses as a placard, now in the Berlin State Library
AuthorMartin Luther
Original titleDisputatio pro declaratione virtutis indulgentiarum[a]
Publication date
31 October 1517
(10 November 1517 New Style)
TextNinety-five Theses at Wikisource

There is a lot of stuff that can happen when somebody declares himself "a reformer" or a "reformist."  Often, all a reformer does is put to words the things that people think or say subconsciously already.  The years that followed the posting of his thesis on the door of Wuttenberg Church lead to some amount of turmoil in Europe.  Today, when we hear things about "religious freedom" from the "talking heads" on our Television Sets, and think and wonder what the hell they are talking about - mostly, the word politics, political beliefs, political persecution and even political prisoner are the more modern day equivalent of what in the 15th and 16th century constituted "religion."  

Martin Luther is often credited with having started The Reformation, and some of the "Change" that he brought about started, eventually, an era of exploration and enlightenment as White-European People were encouraged to learn & study cultures all around the world.  Cultures that were different from their own, and therefore cultures - which if they wanted respect - would have to be shown respect.  In fact, today, when someone goes to Disney Land or Disney World and rides the "It's a small world after all" ride, this is the kind of attitude that people in Renaissance Europe were common to adhere.

It wasn't always easy though.  Showing great amounts of tolerance to foreign cultures sometimes resulted in less prominent "bureaucracies" - extremely unlike what exists in the 50 states today.  Obviously, 500 years have elapsed since 1517, but the (former) United States used to emphasize different traits and characteristics than the Europeans used to.  On the "domestic front" of Renaissance Europe, the Reformation (which had been headquartered out of England & Germany - the center of Protestant Church Power) had divided members of society into occasionally fighting factions.  This divide, this "Great Divide" is sometimes called "The Schism" as people in Catholic Churches were wont for occasional indulgences, corruption, and abuses of power.

Now, as we all *should* know (but don't), everybody deserves rights, and all men and women are endowed with the rights God gave them.  It can sometimes be a tough concept, because not ever person who has ever "become angry" is always justified.  The words "The Schism" is actually the basis for the words "Schizophrenic" and even "Schizophrenia" because often, no matter "how right" a protestant power tries to change things, being condemned by the Catholic, Holy-See means being condemned.  You don't always win the battle.  Furthermore, there have been a "fair share" of people who just start "rattling off accusations" that start to sound like "paranoia" - even if they aren't relevant about the accuser.  There are people out there on television today who truly "fit the mold" of complete paranoid schizophrenic behavior - making constant, repetitive, blanket, and extremely (most importantly) ambiguous claims about large groups of people.  For instance, if one were to turn on "Fox News" and listen to Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham "run their mouths" for hours about things like:
  • The Hollywood Elite
  • The Democrats
  • The "Liberal Leftists"
  • The Gun Control Lobby
  • The Russians
  • The Illegal Immigrants ("The Mexicans")
  • Legal Immigrants who are Hispanic
  • The Muslims, Libyans, "The Iranians", Nuclear Armed Iranians
  • Universities' Agendas and College Professors' Agenda
  • Nuclear Armed Koreans
  • People in California or The Population of the West Coast
  • People who don't speak English
One might get the sense that "America is Under Invasion."  The condemnations, unfortunately rarely make a shred of sense in that the accusations are not exactly based in anything to coherent.  To be realistic - the original Martin Luther made a very specific and pronounced list of 95 changes he wanted to see about the politicians of year 1517.  Back then in Europe, leaders weren't called "politicians" at all - they were called Catholics, clergy, and church ministers.  Most importantly, though Martin Luther complained about the money and the power.  The "indulgences" of the church could be extremely debilitating to any honest man in society who meant well, but could not see through webs of lies and corruption.  When you hear radicalized condemnation, just try to think "What would Martin Luther do?"  "Where is the money?  Who has the money?"   The journalists of all three televised-news-channels are kept extremely rich, and their voices are heard 24 x 7 x 365 on TV - regardless of their sincerity.  To think anyone of these "reporters" actually want change doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and when the details about the financing of these news organizations and their reporters and their friends are ignored, the sincerity of their monologues need to be in question.  Without sincerity, an "change guy" isn't a reformist promoting a schism, he sounds more like a "paranoid schizophrenic."  CNN, MSNBC & FOX often sound like they are literally: fighting and arguing for no other sake than the argument or the fight itself!  I often find myself saying that the only people crazy in this country are those idiots on TV.

In any case, this is a history lesson that is only the background for this entry regarding mental illness.  How is this all related to "mental illness" today?  For anyone who lived through the years 1995 to today - he or she has likely heard myriad stories about "The Condemned" in the newspaper, on T.V. - or even from other members in society.  I have spoken as often as I can about "My Master" here in Dallas where I live.  I have a Master, as I am a member of the "slave class," and though I absolutely hate it, I  guess I am being given the chance to write about this.  As a member of the slave class, I am not afforded many rights in society.  I do not have the right to approach courts of law, or police to complain about "the treatment," and if I were to, I would be arrested and mostly charged with "being real messed up, and really in need of a stay at a psychiatric facility."  It can truly be horrible.

The human race is moving past the "gun-powder weapon age" (to some degree).  I hear voices, for instance; I hear them all the time as of late.  99% of the time, I know exactly what is going on - somebody in the office-tower down the street is modifying my behavior.  But I can fear it from time to time.  I can easily and actually be tricked into believing that the things I'm hearing and seeing are the "biological part of my brain" - inventing noises and even "visions," - but, generally, my mind has been "perfectly trained" to know what "the dude" (in the office-tower) is up to.  This, sadly, has come at great expense to my health, wellness, and state of well being.  The way of freeing one's mind is to argue with him.  How?  Well, they can hear you.  I have argued with my Master through microphones, keyboards, telephones and cameras.  They access to the internet 24 x 7 365.  As I stated in a previous post, the surgically implanted "iPod" in my ear - no different than a hearing-aid, but quite a bit smaller, and lacking the ability to be removed without minor surgery - can give me all kinds of orders and make all kinds of judgments.

Sure, since 1995 when I was in my sophomore year as an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I studied electrical engineering and Mandarin Chinese (where I even registered for advanced Mandarin Chinese down the street at Harvard), I have seen hard/difficult times in life.  I have been condemned, and I could never escape that, but why would I want to?  I have done nothing I'm ashamed of.  I have done nothing wrong!  I know many people who would never speak of short incarcerations at psychiatric facilities - but have been incarcerated, sometimes by police-force and sometimes as a result of fear - at myriad of these lock-down institutions which are in all major U.S. Cities.  And why?  Hearing voices?  Seeing things?  Well... YES!  For, me, knowing that I actually do have a surgically implanted ear-piece and a surgically implanted video board behind the retina of my eye has caused inordinate amounts of spiritual suffering.  These types of electronics in my body - in coordination with all kinds of "dirty tricks" involving psychiatric narcotics and even street narcotics can cause any man spiritual-suffering, spiritual-stress, and family-infighting.

Which brings me to my point about the "State of Technology" in the arsenals the men and women who seized power from the American People beginning in the mid-1990's.  In olden days in America (right around the year I was born, in 1975), the approach was generally along the lines of this question: 

  • Are you making accurate accusations that are well meant, and intending to bring change?
  • Or are you just hootin-and-hollerin?
  • Are you just raising-Cain? (a reference to Cain & Able from the bible - Able was Cain's older brother, and he slew him one night)
  • This is the difference between "a schism" (change) and a "schizophrenic" (paranoid delusional)

If "mental illness" can be "weaponized" - through surgical implantation into a human-body with micro-chips, have we left "The Age of Gun-Powder?" ... Is this the right way to say it?  What if you were "a racist" and what if you had a "time-machine" and had the ability to go back in time and pay a visit to "Martin Luther King."  What if you could abuse him, electrically, and make him see & hear things until he literally was ranting and raving about "watermelon, fried-chicken, and Africa" all day - only to make his believers drift-off into lethargic nonchalance about black power?  How would you do this?  Well, step one you drug him and operate on his body.  When he wakes up he will be seeing things and hearing hears things that can and will affect his ability to march, make speeches or argue about the state of "his people."  Perhaps he would have lived until the 1980's or 1990's, never died as a Marty at all, and found a small shot-gun shack in Missippi picking cotton wondering why he was so silly.  That is the power of electronic warfare and electronic-human-guinea-pig abuses of power in North America.

I want to leave out any reference to "the change" that the black President that has recently left - "President Obama" might have made.  And just mention that, today, as was true in 1985 when I was ten years old, people with black-skin can be seen on every television channel, every court room in Dallas (on both sides of the court), and on the cover of 99% of every magazine in print today.  I don't need to particularly talk about so much about "anti-black racism" much, because there's a lot more to the people of North America - and the myriad of races make "black racism" seem like a bigger problem - than anything else!  In any case, the demoralization 'du-jour' (of-the-day in French) from where I am standing has been directly targeted at people who have the word "Spanish" as any part of their ethnic background.  My primary point being - disinformation and literally non-sense courtesy of the TV in my skull, and the TV's in our homes has us out hunting "mystery racists" while a political purge of anybody who has ever considered education or schooling important - and opposed to a regime of ignorance and corruption are the real targets.  P.S. I know for a fact that there are large numbers of blacks, Hispanics and whites - all three who have become very, very rich in the last 20 years.  And yet none of them could tell you what 2+2 is.  Accusations of racism are just one of dozens of weapons in an arsenal of the office-tower employee in Dallas where I live.

If I can be locked in a room, and told I have an owner, and then be forced to stare at images of black people (black or white, it doesn't matter to me much who is broadcast in my eye-socket) ... in my eye-socket, then what level of sincerity are we seeing in all the "heated political debate" on TV?  The answer: none!  T.V. doesn't discuss these facts at all, because of the money and the power that slave traffickers - black and white - take and keep for themselves.

Disinformation, fake-fighting, and fake-factionalism is the weapon of the rogue regime we have in the United States.  And don't believe they "are on to something new," because fake fighting and fake-factionalism is as old as the hills.  It is as old as the word "paranoid schizophrenic" - people who just want to fight anyways, for whatever reason, usually because of how financially-lucrative it all is.  And this is precisely what Martin Luther said when he wrote the world famous "95 Thesis."

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