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Saturday, August 11, 2018

From a Brain-Ward 6 and/or The Partitions of Poland

Wiki: From a Ward 6Anton Chekhov  Data Below Cut & Paste from

Anton Chekhov
Chekhov seated at a desk
BornAnton Pavlovich Chekhov
29 January 1860[1]
TaganrogEkaterinoslav GovernorateRussian Empire
Died15 July 1904 (aged 44)[2]
BadenweilerGrand Duchy of BadenGerman Empire
Resting placeNovodevichy CemeteryMoscow
OccupationPhysician, short story writer, playwright
Alma materFirst Moscow State Medical University
Notable awardsPushkin Prize
SpouseOlga Knipper

Some of the more prominent Russian Authors of the 19th century wrote books about justice and law.  Other novels like "War & Peace" and "Crime & Punishment" could probably attest to this fact.  Russia was once a Great World Power - more than a century ago.  As anybody who has ever finished High School ought to know, the nationalities of Western Europe once sailed all around the world "exploring."  For 300 years sailors from Spain, Portugal, and even England would set sail for the America's - and even lands as far away as the Philippines, India, and South Africa. For a time, words like "Hidalgo" which was a Spanish Word signifying (somewhat) the American word "respect."  It meant that Europeans who would bring their ways and their culture to people around the world, would do so by behaving honorably, sincerely, repsectfully, etc.  If you have ever been to Disney Land and heard the song "It's a small world after all" (or seen it on YouTube or TV) then you may think of this song as a long winded version of the word "Hidalgo" - or what the European Colonial System was about in its hey-day.  Today, every where from the southern most tip of Argentina all the way north to Oklahoma there are millions of Spanish Speakers because of the respect that the colonialists and explorers had for the lands that they discovered.

In 1776, as we all know, George Washington up in Massachusetts, New York & Virginia fired a shot at some of the English Sailors - the Red Coats - and set off a wave of revolution in Europe which most today call "The French Revolution."  He was sick of Europe and the repression that had started.  For those who have seen images of the guillotine lopping the heads of French heads of State, it was a time of extreme violence and upheaval in Europe, and soldiers under Napoleon (1801 - 1815) sent many waves of attack into Eastern Europe, Russia, and even present day Egypt and Israel.  The French Revolution fizzled out in the years 1815 to 1821, the year Napoleon died.  It was in this time period that began an era of Russian Power and Russian Munificence all across Europe.  For almost 120 years forward, the Russian Tsar would bring stability and peace to Western Europe after the total collapse of a once "World-Wide Colonial System."  People in Europe had grown tired and sick of leaving the continent on explorer ships for a myriad of reasons.  Regardless, because the violence during the French Revolution ("the reaction") was so intense, most of the Kings & Queens of Europe's Nineteenth Century never gained much prevalence anywhere in the world.

In this time, in the decades that followed, a few books from then-unheard-of Russia like "War & Peace" and "Ward No. 6" tried to bring a new concept of "law and order" to Western European and to Russian citizens.  Because for so many centuries of the Kings & Queens in Western Europe who had had explorers, sailors and mariners travel to the four-corners of the earth, these Kings & Queens often had had to answer to all kinds of people who had sympathies that lay with empires that swirled all around the world.

"The sun never sets on the Spanish Crown" was a phrase that Europeans would use to describe their social system and gubernatorial system.  "Spanish is the loving tongue" sometimes resonates as people in places like Mexico, Columbia and Argentine speak Spanish, today, in the 21st century because the blonde-haired, blue-eyed European brought this language to their country.  Unfortunately, by the time the French Revolution began, and the ensuing "Rise of Russia," all that was left of the colonists and their viceroyalty was anarchism towards Western European Monarchs.  These citizens sometimes were imbued with a sense of European anarchism - because when this people would go exploring the seas - they often had to contend with facing premiers, presidents, kings, leaders, officials, viceroy's ... "or whatever!" in territories all around the world.  Argentina, The Philippines, Mexico and South Africa all had leaders, and the didn't always want to hear orders from King Louie - and yet going to these places is what King Louie's goal was for his people.  In any case, the actual "King of Spain" or "King of France" wasn't always "heard" or "headed" so easily by European People.

In any case, as everybody knows, George Washington, a likely protestant himself, started a rebellion against English Colonial Power in 1776, and achieved "independence" (sort of - there was almost nothing in the Northern English colonies at the time as the Spanish Monarchy was much more ornate) when he fired "the shot heard round the world."  For 30 years darkness sort of ruled in Europe.  Some people might call Napoleon's invasions of Eastern Europe "a pogrom."  See Wiki: Porgrom.  Whatever name one wishes to call the large scale violence, it paved the way for justice and freedom from the Tsar of Russia and the Russian, Polish and German People for almost 120 years.  It would not be until the WW1 in and around 1915 and reaching its nadir in 1944 during WW2 that Russia's power would be destroyed.

In that time literature was often about abuses of power by what was then not called "Police Departments" - but were probably 19th century equivalents of Police Departments in places like Warsaw, Germany and the Nordic Countries.  In fact, the very word in English "Police" is just a derivation from the Russian word "Polisi" which means Polish.  Poland was once a partitioned country.  In the process of making alliances and negotiations with Western European Nations like France, Spain and Germany (then simply called "Prussia") The Tsar "divided up" Poland to make his deals more easily.  Russian Tsar's like "St. Nicholas the Great" are literally where Santa Claus gets his name.

But I don't really want to talk about all of this at all.  If you know any American History at all, the rise of power by the U.S. during the 20th century was almost precisely commensurate with the fall of the Russian Tsar as places like "Prussia" (now Germany) became angry at the degeneracy and lack of equity and fairness they were receiving from Russia - and in 1939 Hitler invaded Poland and eventually tried to march on Moscow.  There isn't so much to say.  To me, remembering some of the greater accomplishments that the Russian People once achieved almost 150 years ago - right around the time American's were still living in shot-gun shacks and fighting a civil war - would be a much better task.

So what was the book "From a Ward 6" or "Ward No. 6" about?  It's by a very famous Russian Author named Checkov.  Many people who have been to college have probably heard of him, and the answer, sadly, is it's about a mental hospital.  Why would an author who writes about prisoners in mental hospitals be so popular in Europe in 1892?  Well, I don't actually know for certain, but that isn't exactly so important to me right now.  Why?  Because I wanted to say a few things about "the great mental hospital in the sky" as I call it.  Chekhov's book was probably something along the lines of "MSNBC Jail" or "Live PD" that is available to watch on TV today, although likely 10 times less abusive - since it was just a book, and not a live video feed of police officer's beating Russian Citizens like the police on the TV Show "Cops" used to do.

No, here, in Dallas, we the people have something a hundred times more horrible to deal with.  Here in Dallas we have "traffic."  I like to call it "The Abduction Production" - but other, more mundane, explanations like sex, slave & drug trafficking rule this city with an iron fist so powerful, that even saying the word "freedom" in any sentence at all has become taboo.  If you were to stare down the barrel of the "individuals" (we shall call them "individuals") who provide these types of "services" for the people - at work in their once corporate offices - now turned denizens of hell, you would understand how embarrassing the word "freedom" really is.

No, today, in Dallas we have a new "Master Race."  This "Master Race" doesn't operate so much on the principle that any one skin color is favored over another.  They are generally heavily slanted against non-English speakers, but what it even means to be "enemies" with this people is hard to comprehend.  Ten's of thousands, hundreds of thousands - if not millions - of American People were implanted with all kind of electronic chip-implants that can exercise just a few milli-volts of "juice" in all kinds of parts of the body.  To the casual observer, one might fail to comprehend what a milli-volt of electricity could ever do to enhance government authority.  Unfortunately, just a few milli-volts of electricity to the nerve material in or around the a human stomach can make a person suddenly want to leave a.k.a. "have a Big Mac Attack."

The same amount of electricity to the nerves in the human genitals can produce all kinds of "stimulation" such that a man runs home to his wife almost immediately.  If he doesn't have a wife - depending how much electrical abuse those nerves have taken, he might be impelled to run to a bar to ask a woman to speak to him - and a woman vice-versa.  The smallest of antenna inside a human body can send signals to these electrical filaments and create all kinds of excitation and simulations to the human being throughout the course of his days here in Dallas... 

Mind control and human central nervous system control were concepts that began in the 1960's as "political dissidents" (like MLK, RFK, and Malcom X) were really "angering" the mainstream military generals, and they made occasional attempts to see what kind of population control techniques could be unleashed on American Citizens.  I personally live with an "ear plug" - meaning I actually hear voices, sounds, music, whispers - or whatever the f*** "My Master" (from the Master Race) demands I hear - and whenever the f*** My master wants me to hear it!

Bizarre effects are often the result.  A micro-filament attached to a human thyroid - when stimulated - can literally dictate when a person receives his own bodies "happy stimulation" or sadness, etc.  So, for instance, if my master is watching or monitoring my use of the computer, and he sees I have opened up a picture or story about President Obama - a signal that commands the electrical filament in my genitals and my thyroid means I will experience "sexual excitation" - and that noise in my ear drums might say things like "Yeah, you love black people!"

Unfortunately, if I were to say, receive a letter or e-mail or visit from someone in my family (like my brother, dad, etc.) about the corruption, hypocrisy and dishonesty in the U.S. Government, I would ignore that member of my family - with the net-result being - that the capricious whims and ego of a dictator (Bush, Obama, Trump) become more important than my own father, brother, etc.

  • This is mental / psychiatric conditioning in the (former) United States of America - and it has affected millions.  The people who run the "Brain Control Operations" work in simple office towers - the office towers, tall & small, that dot the city-skylines of the (former) USA.  
  • There is silicon that has been implanted in your body - and it is not a joke.  It can't make "become really smart" - but it can prevent you from ever questioning too seriously Uncle Sam.

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