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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Statin Drugs, Blood-Thinners

Wikipedia: Statin Drugs
Wikipedia: Blood-Thinners

The ("U.S. Government" (or whatever the hell they should be called), was giving me quite a few medicine/drugs for all kinds of health related problems.  Statin drugs, for instance, are intended to free up blocked arteries, but can cause all kinds of severe pain and immobilization in the body.  In any case, I know this for two reasons:
  • They tell me about it all day long (brag about it) all the time
  • I felt all kinds of "different" effects in my body & mind.
  • I felt pain and immobilization in my body

So three:
  • I believe it to be true. (the part about being drugged with Cholesterol-Statin drugs in my water faucet for 6 continuous months)

The means by which these types of "Doctor Visits" for me are as follows
  • (Some) people's home/apartment water faucets are "wired up" with medicine & drug dispensaries.
I have explained to "My Master" 100, 110 different times that I would be perfectly willing to work with a "Medical Doctor" - only on the condition that the electrodes in my nervous system, and the TV surgically implanted in my brain were first removed.  I know:
  • Eating better
  • Changing Diet
  • Less Stress
  • More excercise change things a lot.

People who are "electronically implanted" have lives where they accomplish probably about 5% to 10% of the things they would have normally accomplished in life - had they not been neurologically implanted with the "Slave & Sex Trafficking Hardware" - which is supported by software run out of office towers.

I try to explain that *before all else* the single largest causes of Heart Disease, Stroke, Hypertension, High Blood Pressure & Kidney failure etc. is stress.  Stress leads to worse eating habits.  Stress leads to a complete inability to plans one's day, life and activities.  Stress can be causes by disagreement from an authority figure, and the constant arguing that it leads to.  When blood pressure goes up, people stop using more traditional forms of stress relief - for instance, taking it easy - and are forced to "instantly gratify" themselves on things like lots of Olive Oil, or Ding-Dong's & Ho-Ho's, big plates of deep-fried french fries, or even too much coffee/caffeine/tea.

I have wanted to program computers since I was in the third grade when I wrote my first "BASIC Software Program" on an Apple II-E in 1985 at Bowie Elementary's "Reach Program" for the "talented & gifted students."  (Oh, and as a "funny aside" - back then, the way you become a "talented and gifted student" is to have parents that will argue/care about it until they let you go.  If the parents didn't care, the student just sort of didn't get to go).

So, long-story short, I programmed beginning at age 10 (1985).  Now, for those of you who sort-of know about the "Office Tower Networks" making Android-Slaves @ restaurants & coffee shops in the DFW-Metropolitan area - and other parts of the (former) United States - for instance, NYC, Boston, etc. - then you will know that generally brain control cannot really "manufacture brilliance" nor can it "program geniuses to be geniuses".  One thing it is really good at is dehumanizing somebody until they are working as minimum-wage or manual-labor employees at a chain-franchise eating establishment.

Now, I have been abused many times by "The Software" as I call it.  For years it just called "The Matrix" or even "The D.H.S."  The people in the office apparently have stopped trying to come up with cute little names for all of this.  In years past, everything from Al-Qaeda, to Sinaloa-Cartel, to "The Taliban" and even "The U.S. Armed Services" has been used to, sort of, "shunt" any actual talk about the software that is being used by the employees in quite a few of major office towers that dot the city-skyline's of many major U.S. Cities.

Now, this software has as it's primary goal - to make you do what your Master or "Your Owner" wants you to do.  For some people, this hasn't been so much of a problem, and listing what qualities make such a concept easy - just look at the life-style, demeanor, and choice-of-diction or "speech" that anybody on television currently uses or employs on T.V. every day of the week.  That's right, you heard it, people on TV and the lifestyles they have are exactly what brain control software in the office tower is good at:
  • Fixing Old Cars, Building New Cars
  • Making Spaghetti, Cooking on a show
  • Cooking Cakes
  • Putting up dry-wall, painting houses
  • Singing on a "You've got talent" show
  • Reading nonsense on CNN, MSNBC & Fox News
  • Football, Baseball, basketball & sports

Things "Brain Control Software" cannot make you do:
  • Learning Physics
  • Studying anything intelligent
  • Learning mathematics, and testing out new mathematics
  • Programming a Computer
  • Business with Foreign Countries
  • Business @ Home - other than "calling truckers about inventory"
  • Learning any foreign language - not English
  • Learning any History/Culture not on TV
When somebody refuses to do any of the "stuff" or "activities" that comprise the former list - largely because he went to college, and had higher-hopes in life, he develops all kinds of problems with blood pressure.  A person's mood and happiness is attacked, and his general level of enthusiasm about life is tremendously reduced/destroyed.  When my stress goes up, my kidneys fail, and I get "itchy."  When my stress tries to "eliminate carbs" to lower my blood pressure, my blood sugar goes through the roof, because my body is always trying to "store sugar" in the blood-stream.

And why?  Well, we should have answers, now shouldn't we.

Monday, August 27, 2018

When a soldier becomes a murderer - you have (had) John McCain, and that's "The American Loser Mentality" they promote

Version #1: The Protests

Version #2: The Airborne Ranger

Here are some (probably biased) descriptions of the murderous bombing raids that the (then) United States Air Force conducted in the killing fields of Vietnam almost 50 years ago.  Harboring hatred and animosity for a people can be an extremely debilitating thing for any human being - if possible it should be avoided, but changing things that are immoral, or evil, is also something important.  Bringing down evil men like John McCain is something that Ronald Reagan's Administration itself took as important, and he was indeed made a national spectacle for his crimes against the people.
Most people who had family or parents who lived through the turbulent times of "The American War Years" of 1940 until 1975 had quite a few "different takes" or "different versions" of what the history that was being made by the people - the inhabitants, if you will - of the lower 48 states, plus Alaska and Hawaii.  Most people have been told that "John McCain" was a hero who served is country, but unfortunately, there is no here named John McCain - and there never was.  It was proved time and time again, both by his captors in Vietnam who hated and imprisoned him - and the American Government under Ronald Reagan when he was charged with banking fraud as a member of "The Keating Five."

The "History of the United States" would be a very, very long book indeed.  People in the America's today have all kinds of upbringings having been raised by parents from all walks of life.  For those who have ever respected America's Cultural or Artistic Achievements of the 20th century know very well that the soldiers who fought in wars across the Pacific Ocean did indeed fight those wars over a period of many decades.  What began in earnest in 1940, did not end until 1975, and as "The War Dragged On" - the reasons for fighting stopped seeming honorable.  For anyone who knows 1960's history - knows that people John McCain were denounced as cold blooded and evil killers.

The difference between a soldier and a murderer is not rocket science at all!  Soldiers are people who shoot at other soldiers who have committed acts of atrocity against their people.  Murderers are those who kill, indiscriminately, the lives of all parties involved - the guilty, the innocent, grown men in soldiers uniforms, and little children playing at in their homes.  Thought fighting an imperial and invading Japanese Army, in - say 1942 - was probably a reasonable and just act, the rabid outpouring of violence that engulfed the U.S. Government in the 1960's did nothing that constituted defense of the nation or liberation of an oppressed people.  These bombing raids over Vietnamese villages took the lives of thousands of innocent women and children in their homes where they slept.  These were not attacks on military garrison's - these were attacks on the civilian populations of a nation.  Saying these battles were a "liberation" or "a bringing freedom to oppressed people of Vietnam" is simply not true.  Everybody alive who was right in the head in 1969 knew this.
As well all know, the American Resistance to all of these acts of atrocity of the 1960's was immense:
Why is this?  If "John McCain is so evil" - why is he constantly cited as "an American Hero" on television all day long?  Well, the answer is that injustice is both financially profitable and politically savvy/beneficial to tyranny.  The vast majority of "Americans" (or whatever you want to call this defunct state at this point) in the 1950's, 60's and 70's were not off overseas fighting wars and killing Asiatic People.  It takes a rather in depth knowledge about U.S. History to know, however, what they were doing and why.  Service of this country is not something people today understand at all - and was something in years would be considered a very taboo-to-speak topic.  In the 1960's The United States Military Achieved something that will be thought of as something "quite exuberant" for decades to come.  This, of course, was supersonic air power - which may mundanely call "The F-15."  This, wasn't unfortunately, "service to one's country."  Not by any stretch of the imagination.  For those who lived through "The Hey-Dey" of the United States War Years - they would know that becoming a air-pilot with the United States Pentagon was an extremely lucrative position to hold.  In the hey-dey of the "The American War Years," sure - fighting was risky, and people who fought wars risked their lives - but this was the same as "Russian Roulette" - in that if you didn't die, and you came home back to Virginia where the U.S. Pentagon is situated - very rich and very powerful.  Well... Actually - you came back and became people like John McCain!  These were some of the:
  • Richest of the rich
  • The most powerful men of the most powerful
  • .. and of course... The safest of the safe
  • (The security Army/Navy/Air-Force personall provide themselves - often at the expense of "The People" is spectacular)
And that's why the Ronald Reagan Administration tried to have him arrested for financial money laundering.

For those who need to know how "America could be so great" with so much turmoil and so much polarization in it's past - there is an extremely easy-to-understand answer.  The vast, vast majority of people in this country wanted nothing to do with Vietnam, and simply had had no involvement with "fighting wars" at all.  Even more importantly, though Woodstock had probably a million people in attendence, here in Texas where I grew up, I would suspect very few of these folk ever attended a Beatles Concert either.  I will try to explain, again, what most American's were involved in of any important in the 1960's.

Here is Dallas in 1950 (after *much* construction in the 1930's, 40's & 50's):

Here is Dallas Today: (at least 10 (ten) taller-than-50-stories buildings)

Here is the "age of the construction worker" and his progress.  In 1960 - when John McCain was off killing innocent women and children in Vietnam - "The Good American's" were doing back-breaking work on construction.  This is a "concentric cirlce" map of Dallas Construction Progress.  The City has radiated outwards with "The Edge of Town" having increased by 20-miles-per-decade.

And that is what "The Great American's" really did!  They *did* construction work!  The built new office towers.  They built brand new homes.  Here in Dallas, they built office complexes, strip malls, retails shops and apartment buildings!  They built highways and biways, bus-stops, train-stations and airports.

None of Dallas, Texas 75248 would even be here if it weren't for the 20th century.  Mostly, the great American's did lots and lots and lots of construction and architecture building.  Sure, some "answered the call" in 1941 when the Japanese Invaded.  But the act become so financially lucrative - that although the Japanese surrendered in 1945, going to East Asia to do battles and fight wars continued for 30 years *after* the surrender of the Japanese.

So what is "The American Loser" Mentality - and who is benefiting so disproportionately from it?  The answer is: My Master!  Slave Traffickers!  Sex Traffickers!  The people who control the surveillance cameras, the banking computer software, the undisclosed drug dispensary system software - and of course, the TV surgically implanted in my brain.  When losers, murderers and thieves are all over the TV and all over politics, the real criminals become impossible to track.

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

On the nature of weaponized mental illness

The year was 1517, and the "Protestant Minority" of Europe was somewhat upset about the State of Finances, abuses of power, and other failures of the regime in the more dominant-Catholic part of Europe.  Do you ever wonder what percentage of the residents or "inhabitants" (regardless of their citizenship status) could answer questions like: "Who is Martin Luther, and what did he do?" or even, "How many years actually elapsed between Martin Luther King's speeches in Washington and the year in which the original Martin Luther posted his 95 complaints about the Catholic-Majority churches on the Church Door in Germany?"  Many buildings today all around the country have signs that say "Lutheran Church" out front.  That name, that word is derived from the name "Martin Luther" who history tells us was a reformist - a minority reformist - in the sense that the states in what is today simply called "Germany" were usually lower on the totem pole vis-a-vis more powerful states and powerful kings in Spain, France & Italy.  From the 1960's view-point (but probably not relevant today), being protestant and from Germany would be similar to being black and from Alabama or Mississippi (rather than New York or Philadelphia) - which is where the modern day MLK had his marches.

Ninety-five Theses
A single page printing of the Ninety-Five Theses in two columns
1517 Nuremberg printing of the Ninety-five Theses as a placard, now in the Berlin State Library
AuthorMartin Luther
Original titleDisputatio pro declaratione virtutis indulgentiarum[a]
Publication date
31 October 1517
(10 November 1517 New Style)
TextNinety-five Theses at Wikisource

There is a lot of stuff that can happen when somebody declares himself "a reformer" or a "reformist."  Often, all a reformer does is put to words the things that people think or say subconsciously already.  The years that followed the posting of his thesis on the door of Wuttenberg Church lead to some amount of turmoil in Europe.  Today, when we hear things about "religious freedom" from the "talking heads" on our Television Sets, and think and wonder what the hell they are talking about - mostly, the word politics, political beliefs, political persecution and even political prisoner are the more modern day equivalent of what in the 15th and 16th century constituted "religion."  

Martin Luther is often credited with having started The Reformation, and some of the "Change" that he brought about started, eventually, an era of exploration and enlightenment as White-European People were encouraged to learn & study cultures all around the world.  Cultures that were different from their own, and therefore cultures - which if they wanted respect - would have to be shown respect.  In fact, today, when someone goes to Disney Land or Disney World and rides the "It's a small world after all" ride, this is the kind of attitude that people in Renaissance Europe were common to adhere.

It wasn't always easy though.  Showing great amounts of tolerance to foreign cultures sometimes resulted in less prominent "bureaucracies" - extremely unlike what exists in the 50 states today.  Obviously, 500 years have elapsed since 1517, but the (former) United States used to emphasize different traits and characteristics than the Europeans used to.  On the "domestic front" of Renaissance Europe, the Reformation (which had been headquartered out of England & Germany - the center of Protestant Church Power) had divided members of society into occasionally fighting factions.  This divide, this "Great Divide" is sometimes called "The Schism" as people in Catholic Churches were wont for occasional indulgences, corruption, and abuses of power.

Now, as we all *should* know (but don't), everybody deserves rights, and all men and women are endowed with the rights God gave them.  It can sometimes be a tough concept, because not ever person who has ever "become angry" is always justified.  The words "The Schism" is actually the basis for the words "Schizophrenic" and even "Schizophrenia" because often, no matter "how right" a protestant power tries to change things, being condemned by the Catholic, Holy-See means being condemned.  You don't always win the battle.  Furthermore, there have been a "fair share" of people who just start "rattling off accusations" that start to sound like "paranoia" - even if they aren't relevant about the accuser.  There are people out there on television today who truly "fit the mold" of complete paranoid schizophrenic behavior - making constant, repetitive, blanket, and extremely (most importantly) ambiguous claims about large groups of people.  For instance, if one were to turn on "Fox News" and listen to Sean Hannity or Laura Ingraham "run their mouths" for hours about things like:
  • The Hollywood Elite
  • The Democrats
  • The "Liberal Leftists"
  • The Gun Control Lobby
  • The Russians
  • The Illegal Immigrants ("The Mexicans")
  • Legal Immigrants who are Hispanic
  • The Muslims, Libyans, "The Iranians", Nuclear Armed Iranians
  • Universities' Agendas and College Professors' Agenda
  • Nuclear Armed Koreans
  • People in California or The Population of the West Coast
  • People who don't speak English
One might get the sense that "America is Under Invasion."  The condemnations, unfortunately rarely make a shred of sense in that the accusations are not exactly based in anything to coherent.  To be realistic - the original Martin Luther made a very specific and pronounced list of 95 changes he wanted to see about the politicians of year 1517.  Back then in Europe, leaders weren't called "politicians" at all - they were called Catholics, clergy, and church ministers.  Most importantly, though Martin Luther complained about the money and the power.  The "indulgences" of the church could be extremely debilitating to any honest man in society who meant well, but could not see through webs of lies and corruption.  When you hear radicalized condemnation, just try to think "What would Martin Luther do?"  "Where is the money?  Who has the money?"   The journalists of all three televised-news-channels are kept extremely rich, and their voices are heard 24 x 7 x 365 on TV - regardless of their sincerity.  To think anyone of these "reporters" actually want change doesn't make a whole lot of sense, and when the details about the financing of these news organizations and their reporters and their friends are ignored, the sincerity of their monologues need to be in question.  Without sincerity, an "change guy" isn't a reformist promoting a schism, he sounds more like a "paranoid schizophrenic."  CNN, MSNBC & FOX often sound like they are literally: fighting and arguing for no other sake than the argument or the fight itself!  I often find myself saying that the only people crazy in this country are those idiots on TV.

In any case, this is a history lesson that is only the background for this entry regarding mental illness.  How is this all related to "mental illness" today?  For anyone who lived through the years 1995 to today - he or she has likely heard myriad stories about "The Condemned" in the newspaper, on T.V. - or even from other members in society.  I have spoken as often as I can about "My Master" here in Dallas where I live.  I have a Master, as I am a member of the "slave class," and though I absolutely hate it, I  guess I am being given the chance to write about this.  As a member of the slave class, I am not afforded many rights in society.  I do not have the right to approach courts of law, or police to complain about "the treatment," and if I were to, I would be arrested and mostly charged with "being real messed up, and really in need of a stay at a psychiatric facility."  It can truly be horrible.

The human race is moving past the "gun-powder weapon age" (to some degree).  I hear voices, for instance; I hear them all the time as of late.  99% of the time, I know exactly what is going on - somebody in the office-tower down the street is modifying my behavior.  But I can fear it from time to time.  I can easily and actually be tricked into believing that the things I'm hearing and seeing are the "biological part of my brain" - inventing noises and even "visions," - but, generally, my mind has been "perfectly trained" to know what "the dude" (in the office-tower) is up to.  This, sadly, has come at great expense to my health, wellness, and state of well being.  The way of freeing one's mind is to argue with him.  How?  Well, they can hear you.  I have argued with my Master through microphones, keyboards, telephones and cameras.  They access to the internet 24 x 7 365.  As I stated in a previous post, the surgically implanted "iPod" in my ear - no different than a hearing-aid, but quite a bit smaller, and lacking the ability to be removed without minor surgery - can give me all kinds of orders and make all kinds of judgments.

Sure, since 1995 when I was in my sophomore year as an undergraduate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where I studied electrical engineering and Mandarin Chinese (where I even registered for advanced Mandarin Chinese down the street at Harvard), I have seen hard/difficult times in life.  I have been condemned, and I could never escape that, but why would I want to?  I have done nothing I'm ashamed of.  I have done nothing wrong!  I know many people who would never speak of short incarcerations at psychiatric facilities - but have been incarcerated, sometimes by police-force and sometimes as a result of fear - at myriad of these lock-down institutions which are in all major U.S. Cities.  And why?  Hearing voices?  Seeing things?  Well... YES!  For, me, knowing that I actually do have a surgically implanted ear-piece and a surgically implanted video board behind the retina of my eye has caused inordinate amounts of spiritual suffering.  These types of electronics in my body - in coordination with all kinds of "dirty tricks" involving psychiatric narcotics and even street narcotics can cause any man spiritual-suffering, spiritual-stress, and family-infighting.

Which brings me to my point about the "State of Technology" in the arsenals the men and women who seized power from the American People beginning in the mid-1990's.  In olden days in America (right around the year I was born, in 1975), the approach was generally along the lines of this question: 

  • Are you making accurate accusations that are well meant, and intending to bring change?
  • Or are you just hootin-and-hollerin?
  • Are you just raising-Cain? (a reference to Cain & Able from the bible - Able was Cain's older brother, and he slew him one night)
  • This is the difference between "a schism" (change) and a "schizophrenic" (paranoid delusional)

If "mental illness" can be "weaponized" - through surgical implantation into a human-body with micro-chips, have we left "The Age of Gun-Powder?" ... Is this the right way to say it?  What if you were "a racist" and what if you had a "time-machine" and had the ability to go back in time and pay a visit to "Martin Luther King."  What if you could abuse him, electrically, and make him see & hear things until he literally was ranting and raving about "watermelon, fried-chicken, and Africa" all day - only to make his believers drift-off into lethargic nonchalance about black power?  How would you do this?  Well, step one you drug him and operate on his body.  When he wakes up he will be seeing things and hearing hears things that can and will affect his ability to march, make speeches or argue about the state of "his people."  Perhaps he would have lived until the 1980's or 1990's, never died as a Marty at all, and found a small shot-gun shack in Missippi picking cotton wondering why he was so silly.  That is the power of electronic warfare and electronic-human-guinea-pig abuses of power in North America.

I want to leave out any reference to "the change" that the black President that has recently left - "President Obama" might have made.  And just mention that, today, as was true in 1985 when I was ten years old, people with black-skin can be seen on every television channel, every court room in Dallas (on both sides of the court), and on the cover of 99% of every magazine in print today.  I don't need to particularly talk about so much about "anti-black racism" much, because there's a lot more to the people of North America - and the myriad of races make "black racism" seem like a bigger problem - than anything else!  In any case, the demoralization 'du-jour' (of-the-day in French) from where I am standing has been directly targeted at people who have the word "Spanish" as any part of their ethnic background.  My primary point being - disinformation and literally non-sense courtesy of the TV in my skull, and the TV's in our homes has us out hunting "mystery racists" while a political purge of anybody who has ever considered education or schooling important - and opposed to a regime of ignorance and corruption are the real targets.  P.S. I know for a fact that there are large numbers of blacks, Hispanics and whites - all three who have become very, very rich in the last 20 years.  And yet none of them could tell you what 2+2 is.  Accusations of racism are just one of dozens of weapons in an arsenal of the office-tower employee in Dallas where I live.

If I can be locked in a room, and told I have an owner, and then be forced to stare at images of black people (black or white, it doesn't matter to me much who is broadcast in my eye-socket) ... in my eye-socket, then what level of sincerity are we seeing in all the "heated political debate" on TV?  The answer: none!  T.V. doesn't discuss these facts at all, because of the money and the power that slave traffickers - black and white - take and keep for themselves.

Disinformation, fake-fighting, and fake-factionalism is the weapon of the rogue regime we have in the United States.  And don't believe they "are on to something new," because fake fighting and fake-factionalism is as old as the hills.  It is as old as the word "paranoid schizophrenic" - people who just want to fight anyways, for whatever reason, usually because of how financially-lucrative it all is.  And this is precisely what Martin Luther said when he wrote the world famous "95 Thesis."

Sunday, August 19, 2018

The New York Ways & Means Committee of today - Year 2018

How did the word "Ways & Means" become a popular phrase in the "American Psyche" or as is popularly referred to on T.V.  as "The American Lexicon"?  What is a way? What is a mean?  What were the "ways & means" of America's Early Years is the type of question that I often "find" myself thinking about.  I say find loosely because, I have said before, I have had a T.V. surgically implanted into my skull - my cranium - through some very dastardly "means."  A small micro-unit-sized speaker is capable of making just about any sound that a common stereo headset would emit.  It would have to be at a low enough volume so as to not run out of the battery-power that would be required to power a loud Apple iPhone or iPod that one listens to - the traditional way - using a pair of speakers that one wears over the ears.

In any case, yes, there are a lot of "Ways & Means" to go about things.  Some of them great, some not so great.  A very famous Chinese Philosopher named "Lao-Tzu" (or LaoZe) once stated that no road that any man has ever or will ever walk is "the eternal road."  No means that any mortal man will employ is "the eternal way."  The DOW - a common term that is practically used interchangeably for the words Wall Street - is phonetically the same word as the word "The Dao" (sometimes spelled Tao, but pronounced Dao in Chinese).  "The Dow" proved just that in 1929, for instance, when the entire system collapsed on "Black Friday" as the value of stocks plummeted.  The drop in value was so drastic, that the sum of all investments on the Street by some estimates was nearly 25% of the total market.  There was many a New Yorker who saw his entire net-worth dissolve in a single day.  Many suicides occurred in the days, weeks and months that followed.

Today things are different.  As imports from manufacturing facilities in the East - the Far East - the Wall Street "way" or "mean" or system has, indeed, been relegated to gangsters, crooked officials and money laundering.  Today, I sit here in a library of the Dallas Public Library System writing these thoughts, alone, as really horrible librarians chastise the public for any reason they can find.  These thoughts that I have, as I have explained, are indeed broadcast to my brain (eyes and ears) via a wireless connection that "My Master" has made to my body via antenna's and CPU's that wered implanted into my body (against my will - obviously).  I can hear him (My Master) type, talk and broadcast both audio and video signals from the office tower where he works, and via the computer at which he sits.  It is identical to hearing voices in my skull - so identical - that sometimes when I'm listening to these broadcast A/V signals, I can become a little "depressed" wondering what I'm hearing.

I can't always tell if one or two (or many) of the voices and other sounds that I have heard that day are the "biological part" of my brain generating voices, or if they are the "electronic part" of my brain yelling at me to provide orders about what I may think, where I may go, to whom I may speak, etc...  This, to me, is slavery.  I can be ordered to stay at home.  I can be ordered to go to school.  I can be - literally - psychiatricly tortured - until I have stopped doing something that displeases My Master.  On top of this, and though this all may seem interesting, but what is most interesting to ponder, is that after many years of this sort of psychiatric war-fare, "My Master" has granted me the right - the permission if you will - to speak in a way that is both critical (and critical in an accurate way!) about the regime that rules the "United States" (or former United States, as I like to refer to them) today.  I can complain until I'm blue in the face - but speaking about this systematic extermination of dissent - literally has required "those exterminators to agree that they are really bad and need to change."  In order for these slave-traffickers to allow condemnations - by me - of their offenses, I have to wait for the brain-software-module to order me to do so properly!  It is like waiting for Charles Manson or Jack the Ripper to just give up, turn himself in, and agree he did wrong - and then help is victims rather than hurting them!

In America of old, in its early days when New York City was just a proverbial twinkle in the eyes of more famous men like John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie and Mont-senior Morgan - the most common way of "getting stuff done" was to float a stock on the stock-exchange.  A man named John Pierpont Morgan, who really ought to be thought of as the founder of the Wall Street Stock Market (the "NYSE"), did just that.  Today, the home in which Mr. Morgan lived was quite large.  It was for all intents and purposes, a small castle, and sits on real-estate in lower Manhattan on the West-Side of the Island.  Since Mr. Morgan's death 100 years ago in 1913, the home has been converted into a library which has been open to the general public today for viewing - and contains myriad books about all subjects as he was known as a devout reader.

Part-and-parcel with the "Rise of the People's Republic of China" has been a shift of technological strength away from North America - and directly towards scientists, manufacturers, inventors, and myriad kinds of laborers in China.  It would be "totally incredulous" for anyone with even a modicum level of education about the world to fail to see what the largest manufacturing, research, technological and scientific giant is in the world now.  Perhaps it does take some pride about oneself - a pride that can be derived from all sorts of means - to piece together what has happened in the world and realize who is number one vis-a-vis things like munificent (positive / beneficial) leadership.  For any man or woman who lives in the ("former") United States - being bombarded by authoritarian language proclaiming that "America is the Greatest Country on Earth" - makes understanding what to say when asked regarding facts about the world more difficult.

I personally had recognized as early as Year 1990 that so much of the mass-produced and advanced technology in the world had indeed already sprouted wings and flocked to Asia (from USA) in full-force by that decade (the 1990's). I will never forget having that first feeling when I was 15 years-old walking into a "Radio Shack Store" thinking that I was really going to find something in America that wasn't falling apart.  At age 15, I had already seen so much violence at the hand of the USMC and Reagan's "detente policies"  - that the words state-sponsored violence and state-sponsored terror has been appropriately used ever since.

That year, even the most cursory inspection of what was all of the neatest and coolest and latest video editing devices, HiFi tape-players, VCR's, Hard Drives, Memory Chips,  CD players and color TV's did truly reveal that the Nations of China, Korea, Taiwan & Malaysia had already become "where the cutting edge" was actually doing the cutting!  This phenomenon (Made In China) was the State of the Union in 1990.  This was before, for example, when words like "Bill Clinton" was anything anyone had ever even heard (except a few of us - who saw he ran for President in both 1992 and 1988).


BUT IT DOESN'T END AT RADIOSHACK - Walmart, Target, HomeDepot, Lowes, Pet-World, Macy's, Fry's, Best-Buy, and dozens of re-sellers of goods manufactured in the Pacific Rim dot the city-skylines across the 50 states.

Today, people no longer speak of the children, grand-children, or great grand-children of one of the most famous American Citizens - Mr. John Pierpont Morgan like they used to - even in years as as late as Year 1970.  For a long time, the type of banking that Mr. Morgan engaged "corporate banking" - was literally barred by law from associating with the more simple, personal-checking and personal-savings banks that the average citizen uses today.  That law, one named the "Glass-Stegal Regulation" was a law that prevented Morgan Guaranty Trust Company from being involved with people's personal checking accounts.  It was not struck down, actually until 1995, and almost immediately - 100 years after Morgan's famous business deals with Andrew Carnegie - J.P. Morgan branch banks began opening up around the United States.  By Year 2005, though, a parent company began renaming many of these branch-banks to simply "Chase Bank."

Most importantly, though, Mont-Senior Morgan's place of business, the original corporate headquarters of J.P. Morgan & Company, are still right there at the intersection of Broad Street & Wall Street - directly facing the famous-iconic Wall Street Stock Exchange.

Left: On the East Side of Wall Street is the original "House of Morgan."  Morgan's original work office.  The site of even a terrorist bomb-blast in year 1905.  It is preserved today as a museum, but as late as 1999, was a functioning office of the bank.
Right: On the West Side of Wall Street (across the street) is the "iconic" stock-exchange.  Largely a site of corruption and money laundering today, but, for what it is worth, was the source of a good work ethic and lots of money for building Manhattan Island and surrounding areas into the New York City that we have now.  In 1865, before this all started and at the terminus of the Civil War, there were literally cows & farmland to be seen on the island.

When an inhabitant of North America hears about greed and corruption on Wall Street - it was precisely that money that those bankers raised that built the New York City Skyline which it is today.  That sky-line is recognized throughout the world - as it was the first to ever have a skyscraper office tower at all.  In 2018, though, there are taller buildings than those in the USA.  The financial system that the bankers of 150 years ago utilized was so powerful, that a State like New York - which could have easily been called "lower than a third world country" in Year 1870 - went from having farms, cows, and dirt roads - to literally a 110-story office-tower, for example: The Freedom Tower where the 9/11 towers used to stand.

Why do I think about all of this?  Why is any of this important?  Well, be aware that goods manufactured overseas in Asia - are not paid for by anybody in this country.  Nobody is putting shrink wrapped dollar bills into FedEx Envelops and mailing them to Hong Kong.  What would a physical piece-of-paper dollar-bill be useful for in Hong Kong anyway?  Answer: almost nothing.  Sending "electronic dollars" via things like "electronic banking" to China would mean even less.  The U.S. Government would not and does not allow anyone who isn't even a citizen to start "buying things" like Real Estate.  Really, at the end of the day, Sam Walton of Walmart doesn't pay anything at all for the manufactured goods that are sold at Walmart Stores around the country.  That new color TV there was free to Sam Walton - and yet I am expected to pay $300, $500, $1000 or more!

Recently, one may have heard on the internet that Apple's Market Capitalization hit $1 Trillion Dollars.  When stocks like "Apple Corporate Stock" reach these kinds of levels - it is phenomenon that is nothing more than tantamount to the American Regime Deep-State flexing it's muscle and showing off it's corruption power in our faces.  When goods are taken off a boat that sails from the Port of Shanghai to the Port of New York or San Francisco - those goods are seized by nothing-less-than pirates here in the USA.  Why does Apple Headquarter's get to earn the money from the sale of the proceeds of an Apple iPod?  Why?  Apple Corporation has no more claim of ownership than a homeless man in a downtown New York homeless shelter.  Furthermore, just because factories in Southern China are churning out the latest technology to cities around the U.S. and all around the world - doesn't mean that New York Stock Exchange ticker symbols or NYSE investors had anything what-so-ever to do with those manufactured goods.  This is the heart of corruption in the (former) USA.  This is the heart of evil.  $1 Trillion dollars is 4 times the entire 1990 defense appropriations bill.  This is - literally the forming of a "Master Race" or even a "Master Class" that keeps power  any way that it can.  Corruption fosters more brutal means against people speak up.

I live with implants, and my master, using technology in my body, can wake me up in the morning.  He can put me to sleep at night.  He can make me start typing, stop typing, start reading a book, stop reading a book - literally almost anything he is willing to program his computer to do to me.  Yes, it is horrible.  Yes I have waited years for the right to even say a word to many people I know.  Yes, he has to approve even this document.

Sunday, August 12, 2018

The Way, "道" - a meditation about the "The Ends & The Means"

Laozi (UK: /ˈlaʊˈzɪə/,[2] US: /ˈlaʊˈtsiː/; also Lao-Tzu /ˈlaʊˈtsuː/,[2] /ˈlaʊˈdzʌ/[3][4] or Lao-Tze /ˈlaʊˈdzeɪ/;[5] Chinese: 老子; pinyin: Lǎozǐ, literally "Old Master") was an ancient Chinese philosopher and writer. He is the reputed author of the Tao Te Ching,[6] the founder of philosophical Taoism, and a deity in religious Taoism and traditional Chinese religions.

The Start of the Dao De Jing:


(Embodying the Dao)
The Dao that can be trodden is not the enduring and unchanging Dao. The name that can be named is not the enduring and unchanging name. (Conceived of as) having no name, it is the Originator of heaven and earth; (conceived of as) having a name, it is the Mother of all things.
Always without desire we must be found,
If its deep mystery we would sound;
But if desire always within us be,
Its outer fringe is all that we shall see.
Under these two aspects, it is really the same; but as development takes place, it receives the different names. Together we call them the Mystery. Where the Mystery is the deepest is the gate of all that is subtle and wonderful.

LaoZi or "Lao-Tzu" is sort of attributed to being the founder of "Legalism."  It is difficult to explain the "simplicity" of the words in Chinese above.  The expression "道可道, 非常道" - is only a few characters.  The words "Dao" is as common as the English word "Know" or "Be" - and when used here, it is really just implying that "everybody is different," mainly because "only God's Road is the the Eternal Road" - but man cannot walk God's Road - but only try.  One common expression coming out of "Lao-Tzu" is the title "My Words are Easy to Understand."  It would be similar to a large, loud-mouthed police in the US shouting at you to "explain yourself in simple terms."  Legalism just sort of implies that people should slow down, think about what they are doing, if they have achieved success, is it a lasting success?  The Muslims have often said "There is no God, but God" (لا إله إلا الله) according the Google Translate.  It is of similar origins.

Who the f*** do you think you are Mr. Boss man?  What makes your way and you so special?

"It is not if you win or lose, but how you play the game."  This was a commonly repeated phrase that I often heard when I was growing up, both from my parents and from teachers - and even people on TV.  In the life of both my parents, the United States had engaged in quite a bit of war practices.  The wars for the US came into full swing beginning in 1941, and continuing on for most of the first 40 years of my mom & dad's lives.  The US Government had all kinds of proclamations of why the USMC was overseas killing people to promote it's "Freedom."

What the USMC and USAF achieved in Europe, today, is often widely respected as having put an end to some high levels of violence, incompetent leaders (Hitler, Mussolini, & Stalin) and eventually brought some really great American Culture (read: music, albums, Elvis and Beatles Concerts, for example) to War Torn Europe who had lived under the Authority of the Russian Tsar/Emperor for just a few decades too long.  Don't fool yourself: "War is Hell" is what they used to say to us when we were kids.  For every German/Kraut that Hitler killed in his death camps, more Germans perished at the heavy handed of bombings by the USAF over places like Normandy, Dresden, and from amphibious landings on the "Underbelly of Europe" - at Italian Towns like Anzio.

Furthermore, it is has been said before that the same detention camps that Hitler used at Auschwitz, Sobibor, DaChau and Treblinka were also used by the United States Army during the Nuremberg Trials.  Thousands of recovering German Soldiers were also imprisoned in these concentration camps - and even killed when they were tried for crimes against the German People.  To say "America was a Knight in Shining Armor" liberating the Germans as they "just sort of keeled over and died or surrendered" by the brilliant sight of the Marines of "Bravo Company" - would be an outright lie.

They did, however, achieve defeat of the German Army, and Europe has been at peace for almost 80 years now - a feat as spectacular as the peace that the Russians themselves had once brought to Western Europe a century before via the Greater Russian Leaders like Tsar Nicholas and Tsar Alexander the Great.

George S. Patton
Patton as a lieutenant general
Birth nameGeorge Smith Patton Jr.
"Old Blood and Guts"
BornNovember 11, 1885
San Gabriel, California, U.S.
DiedDecember 21, 1945 (aged 60)
Heidelberg, Germany
BuriedAmerican Cemetery and MemorialLuxembourg City
AllegianceUnited States of America
Service/branchUnited States Army
Years of service1909–1945
RankUS-O10 insignia.svg General
UnitCavalry Branch
Commands held
See other commands
See battles
AwardsDistinguished Service Cross (2)
Distinguished Service Medal (3)
Silver Star (2)
Legion of Merit
Bronze Star
Purple Heart
Complete list of decorations
RelationsGeorge Patton IV (son)
John K. Waters (son-in-law)
SignatureGeorge S Patton Signature.svg

One might argue that "the means" of George S. Patton were extremely lacking some of the "finer qualities" that a soldier ought employ.  Words such as "collateral damage" come to mind as it is well known that millions of Europeans died during the second world war.  Though people sometimes claim that discussions about "The Holocaust" are often overblown - that there is simply no way Hitler was that evil - one thing nobody would ever be able to deny is that between The Battle of the Buldge, The Bombing of Dresden, the Landings at Normandy, and the Concentration Camps at Auschwitz, Treblinka, Sobibor, Dachau, etc., did take the lives of millions.  Again, remember, during the Nuremburg Trials, those very death camps that Hitler created were "re-used" by the U.S. Army to try NAZI War Criminals - and many NAZI's were also killed during those trials.

Is it safe to say that "the ends" and "the means to achieve" were reasonable in the years of WWII - which America's soldiers fought?  Well, today, the "talking idiot box" (U.S. Televised Media), all we ever hear is that we should thank our boys in uniform.  This type of talk, of course, should foster a different type of action and rhetoric.  I personally wish jet fighter planes from Lubbock of Fort Hood should take of and bomb Washington, today, 2018.  There is nobody alive, today in 2018, that ever fought the Germans in World War II.  None of the soldiers who killed the innocent in Afghanistan ever "served their country on D-Day."  None of them did.  World War II was an event that will not be rivaled or repeated in history for it's massive outpouring of violence an bloodshed.  The only reason most agree that it was a successful operation is that, here in year 2018, the Nations of France, Germany, Poland, England, Spain & Italy have not fought a single conflict since 1944.  And though many innocent people were "bombed into the stone-age" by the U.S. Air Force, Neville Chamberlain's "lasting peace" has actually been achieved.

"You can't make an omelette without breaking a few eggs."  The "collateral damage" that did cost the lives of many, many non-military, un-armed Germans during the years of the second World War and the Holocaust was not a great achievement by the USMC.  World War I was often called "The Great War."  If you read much about World War 1, then you would know that it occurred in the years 1914 to 1918 - and largely took place in trenches between France & Germany.  In these trenches German Soldiers would occupy one side of "The Maginot Line" and French Soldiers would occupy the other side.  In this war, generally, the concept that running through the streets of Berlin, Paris, London or Rome was totally against the rules - totally off limits!  What made World War 1 so great?  Well, I've always said that when a soldier shoots another soldier, the rules of war - the requirements the mark the difference between "a soldier" and "a murderer" a strictly obeyed.  Yes, many died in trench warfare, but NO, nobody was exterminated in death camps, nor cities and homes filled with women, children, or civilian men died either.
  • In World War II, the U.S. Army did not obey these rules whatsoever.
  • On the other hand, peace was achieved for a very long time, 
America knew what it was getting into, the American Heartland - the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvannia - had been run so full of German, Italian, French and English immigrants that the words "Land of Immigrants" or "The Great Melting Pot" were often used to describe the East Cost of the U.S.A.  We knew and understood Europe because (if you were white) we were all once Europeans

Public Wikipedia Articles: John D. Rockefeller, Rockefeller FamilyStandard Oil Company, Petroleum in USA, Kykuit, Unions, Ludlow Massacre, Sherman Anti-Trust Act, The Knights of Labor
John D. Rockefeller
John D. Rockefeller 1885.jpg
John D. Rockefeller in 1885
BornJohn Davison Rockefeller
July 8, 1839
Richford, New York, U.S.
DiedMay 23, 1937 (aged 97)
The Casements
Ormond Beach, Florida, U.S.
Burial placeLake View CemeteryCleveland, Ohio, U.S. 41.511°N 81.591°W
OccupationOil industry business magnateand philanthropist
Known forFounding and leading the Standard Oil Company
Net worthUS$400 billion (in 2017 dollars; inflation-adjusted) in 1913,[a]according to Forbes[1][2]
(1.5% to 2% of the United States economy; or approximately 1/65th to 1/50th of its GDP)[b]
Political partyRepublican
Spouse(s)Laura Celestia Spelman
(m. 1864–1915; her death)
ChildrenElizabeth, Alice, AltaEdith, and John Jr.
RelativesRockefeller family

And what about Montsenior Rockefeller in New York City and his "Oil Business"?  People have often referred to him as "Wreck a Fella."  His business practices were often condemned as "ruthless" and destructive - even sometimes violent.  When analyzing history, words like "apologist" among others come up pretty easily.  This is especially true in the USA, as human rights atrocities are the only things that have been reported for almost 4 decades.  No matter what it is - there are monsters out their, and they want to destroy us.

Was John D. Rockefeller, cold, ruthless and evil?  Most people who have studied American History know that his Standard Oil was one of the greatest businesses ever built.  It was eventually broken by the U.S. Government into smaller chunks like what is today called "Texaco Corporation" and "Exxon Corporation."  Standard Oi was the world's first "Oil Company."  It was founded in the years after the Civil War, and John D. Rockefeller had been in the Union Army during the Civil War.  He knew how bad blood shed was, and that it needed to be stopped.

We know that John D. Rockefeller didn't always pay his workers so much.  Lincoln's "Emancipation Proclamation" ending slavery didn't exactly end it - and some might argue it had the backwards effect of forcing people to Unionize and get lower wages than before.  It did, however, guarantee progress as thinks like "The Automobile Industry" were literally invented for the first time on planet earth - right there in Michigan and New York.  Without Mr. Rockefeller's Oil, none of the machines of the Industrial Revolution would have ever functioned.

We know Mr. Rockefeller was tremendously successful, and this is made obvious by the legacy that he left.  Before his company Standard Oil was formed, there had never been and oil refining business anywhere in the world!  After he had lived his life - a full and long one - Gasoline powered everything from automobiles (which had also never been built in the world) to airplane engines.  This was success.

The questions that anybody attempting Philosophy, History, or Law have to ask are: "Did John D. Rockefeller achieve his goals through treachery, evil, deceit and even murder?"  Was Mr. Rockefeller some kind of "Genocidal Butcher" - like the leaders of the U.S. Army in the 1980's and 1990's?  Well, probably not.  People who worked for him would sometimes strike.  People who worked for the National Guard sometimes fire on striking-workers and striking-protesters.  If the U.S. National Guard kills a protester - which did happend - does that make Mr. Rockefeller a murderer?  If Mr. Rockefeller was at home asleep in his bed when a scab is shot by a soldier, does that mean he is himself responsible for that death.

What means are justified by what ends?  A lot of turns into conversations about
  • Who?
  • What?
  • When?
  • Where?
  • How Much?
  • Why?
  • How Often?
  • 10 people dead last week?  Last Year?  In a Decade?
There are lies, damn lies, and statistics.  Nobody will know how many "massacres" occurred in the years 1870 - 1940 - which are precisely the years of Mont-senior Rockefeller's Oil Business - and are precisely the years between the Civil War and the start of World War II.  Did the end justify the means?  Well, mostly people say that "honesty is the best policy."  Archives of the New York Times are available during these years.  Remember, when leading large organizations, everything really *is* your fault - and an executive was somewhat obligated to take charge on mistakes that he had nothing to do with.  So just because leaders like Rockefeller were often condemned in newspapers when a strike erupted - didn't exactly mean they were directly responsible errors of judgement, rather, they had to take responsibility and blame.

Public Wikipedia Articles: The Prince, (a book by author) Niccolò MachiavelliRenaissanceMachiavellianism, Realpoltik, Old Roman Empire, House of Medici

Niccolò Machiavelli
Portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli by Santi di Tito.jpg
Portrait of Niccolò Machiavelli by Santi di Tito
Born3 May 1469
FlorenceRepublic of Florence
Died21 June 1527 (aged 58)
Florence, Republic of Florence
Notable workThe Prince
EraRenaissance philosophy
RegionWestern philosophy
SchoolRenaissance humanismpolitical realismclassical republicanism
Main interests
Politics and political philosophymilitary theoryhistory
Machiavelli Signature.svg

This was the first guy to write a "dictator" type of book.  It has been promoted and condemned throughout human history.  Read the book "The Prince" if you like, it might help a lot.  It was written in the fifteenth century, in or around the heart of the Old Roman Empire.  The Roman Cesar once ruled the entire Mediterranean from the City of Rome.  The Mediterranean was once called "a Roman Lake."  In the fifteenth century, the words "The de Medici Princes" - a name that probably borrows from words "The Mediterranean" - vied for power over the Italian Peninsula in a way somewhat reminiscent of the battles of walking across the Rubicon by representatives from all around the Mediterranean by elected officials of the Roman Senate.  The words "Italian Renaissance" literally means "rebirth" and was about the principles of the Old Roman Empire being reborn in then-modern-day-Italy.  What were once senators in the Republic were now just being called "de Medici."  Maybe once 2,000 years ago when Julius Cesar ruled, the word "Meditarranean" might have been the word for Empire.

In any case, what did it mean to "Cross the Rubicon?" What was it like in the age of Jesus Christ or Julius Cesar?  We know that many leaders "sacked Rome" - rebels from Carthage marched on war elephants from North Africa all the way to the City of Rome just to fight for their rights and their values and their place in the Empire.  In the art or the act of "fighting back" to oppression or repression or tyranny against "The Cesar's" of Rome - was "dirty war" or an "anything goes" type of mentality allowed?  Was it common?  Was it the norm or prevalent?  How could any civilization of people "flourish" if phenomenon such as "dirty war" (underhanded, evil tactics) existed?  If the Roman Emperors really did things like "torture," "crucifixion" or more generally "feeding people to the lions" (for instance) why would anybody have ever thought of Roman Civilization as a "great thing?"

All Mr. Lorenzo de Medici really states (or re-states to be exact) are stories similar to that of "The Achilles Tendon" and the battles of Achilles.  The Achiles Tendon is the nerve fiber that connects the foot to the leg.  When this tendon was cut by a Roman Centurion, the "Marathon Runner" could no longer run marathons, and a rebel soldier could no longer do battle.  Was dirty war common in the "Age of Rome?"  In any case, Niccolo Machiavelli wasn't restating anything particularly new, but rather bringing the trials and tribulations of Roman Persecution - literally the story of Jesus Christ.

When "Julius Cesar" (or whatever) tortured or crucified or proverbially "fed Jesus Christ to the lions" - why or how did the Roman Empire continue to exist?  Would not people be up in arms demanding Cesar face justice from "Pontious Pilate" (The Roman Police Office) - just like Jesus had been forced to face?

Malcolm X
Malcolm X in March 1964
Malcolm X in March 1964
BornMalcolm Little
May 19, 1925
Omaha, Nebraska
DiedFebruary 21, 1965 (aged 39)
ManhattanNew York
Cause of deathAssassination (multiple gunshots)
Resting placeFerncliff Cemetery
Other names
  • el-Hajj Malik el-Shabazz
  • (الحاجّ مالك الشباز)
OccupationMinister, activist
Spouse(s)Betty Shabazz (m. 1958)
Malcolm X Signature.svg

One of Malcom X's favorite lines was "By any means necessary should black power be achieved."  Is it right for a leader to try to "overcome hardship" by "hurting other people."  Well, why were blacks in the USA so often portrayed as victims of persecution in the 1950's and 1960's.  I have always thought that a lot of what occured in the 1960's that made MLK, RFK and other "civil rights people" fight so hard was the tremendous amounts of violence that had America had been pursuing since the wane of power of the "industrial revolution."

In 1931, the City of New York completed the erection of the Empire State Building.  In that year, thousands of construction workers worked cranes, rock quarry's and all kinds of heavy machinery and iron works to do the job properly.  The building is still there today, and was the tallest structure ever built in the world, up to that point in time.  It was taller than the Eifell Tower - which of course wasn't a building at all.  Why were "black power movements" niether popular, nor prevalent during this time period?  Why were there no "black race riots" in the 1920's or 1930's?

Mostly, in those days, white people in the Tri-State area went to work.  Even more importantly, when they went to work, they didn't often get to put on a suit, a tie, and walk around smoking cigars and sipping brandy all day.  Construction workers did everything from dig in giant sulfur mine pits in the ground - only to come home smelling like a blast furnace - to use cranes to lift heavy cinder blocks up 50, 60 and eventually 70 stories to build these skyscrapers.  In every sense of the word - huge swaths of the employed population were slaves.  They were white slaves who spend their whole lives working for peanuts and can and did protest for higher wages.  They protested for higher wages so often that entire Labor Organizations formed so that employed New Yorker's would get the money that they would need to live the good lives that everybody wanted.

All of this changed in the years after the second world war.  Yes, the citizenry wasn't always paid so well, but yes they had rights, they were safe, and they whatever money they received it was usually enough to live.  During this period, sometimes called "The Jim Crow Era" - although blacks participated less in society - they also weren't in sulfur mines digging holes for Mr. Rockefeller, Mr. Carnegie, or on 14 shifts of the assembly line at Mr. Ford's Company (Ford Motor Company).  What percentage of blacks were allowed or encouraged to work for John D. Rockefeller in his oil fields?  I don't know, there are "lies" and their are "damn lies," and there are also "statistics."  (Famous quote from the Revolutionary War)  We will never know "percentages" or "statistics" like that.

The race riots of the 1960's started because "Mr. Rockefeller," "Mr. Carnegie," and "Mr. Morgan" were no longer industrialists keeping white workers digging holes in the ground - coming home to the wife smelling like a blast furnace inside of a sulfur mine.  All of a sudden military authority, shining knights wearing bronze and brass had seemed to seize power.

When Malcolm X said "Black People need to take power by any means necessary" did he do the right thing?  How far were they willing to go?  Blacks had been in the US for decades, if not centuries.  Why here?  Why now?  Well, as well know, World War II was the beginning of a "Militarized Government" an inchoate "Police State" just beginning to form.  Andrew Carnegie telling white people to melt more Iron in the Iron Mills had given way to soldiers barking orders to American Citizens both at work at in the streets.

Black people in partially-segregated cities had seen the rug pulled out from under-neath them.  It was really that simple.  If you watch "Amos & Andy" (and old 1950's TV Show) - blacks lazily sitting around sipping ice-T by the banyan tree making jokes had given way to power struggles.  Though the days of the "Jim Crow Segregation" did keep people apart - they weren't exactly "unfair."  What race of people (Black or otherwise) would want to fight for coal mining, oil rigging, blast furnace jobs or and 14-hour-a-day shifts at the automobile plants courtesy of Mr. Rockefeller or Mr. Carnegie?  Not that many.

In the 1960's, push and turned into shove.  The USMC was in, industrialists were out, and many blacks were looking at it like this was "The Fight of their Life."  How bad was the persecution?  Well, it wasn't fair, that's for sure.  I mean, don't forget, the millions of whites that had just been killed in Europe, but yeah, two wrongs don't make a right.  Just because people in Europe died, didn't mean persecuting blacks in U.S. Cities was alright either.  They had no choice, I guess.

Abraham Lincoln
An iconic photograph of a bearded Abraham Lincoln showing his head and shoulders.
President Lincoln in November 1863
16th President of the United States
In office
March 4, 1861 – April 15, 1865
Vice PresidentHannibal Hamlin
Andrew Johnson
Preceded byJames Buchanan
Succeeded byAndrew Johnson
Member of the U.S. House of Representatives
from Illinois's 7th district
In office
March 4, 1847 – March 3, 1849
Preceded byJohn Henry
Succeeded byThomas L. Harris
Member of the
Illinois House of Representatives
In office
Personal details
BornFebruary 12, 1809
Sinking Spring Farm,
near Hodgenville, Kentucky, U.S.
DiedApril 15, 1865 (aged 56)
Petersen House,
Washington, D.C., U.S.
Cause of deathAssassination
Resting placeLincoln TombOak Ridge Cemetery,
Springfield, Illinois, U.S.
Political partyWhig (1834–54)
Republican (1854–64)
Other political
National Union (1864–65)
Height6 ft 4 in (193 cm)[1]
Spouse(s)Mary Todd (m. 1842)
ChildrenRobert Lincoln
Edward Lincoln
Willie Lincoln
Tad Lincoln
ParentsThomas Lincoln
Nancy Hanks
ProfessionLawyer, politician
SignatureCursive signature in ink
Military service
Nickname(s)Honest Abe
 United States
Service/branchIllinois Militia
Years of service3 months
(April 21, 1832 – July 10, 1832)
Battles/warsBlack Hawk War
This is a famous documented spiritual "No More Auction Block" sung about the Civil War in the U.S.  Lyrics to the song are written here.  Type the name of the song on to hear it.
No more auction block for me
No more, no more
No more auction block for me
Many thousands gone
(My Note: Lincoln & Grant did indeed "fight for freedom" - and in wars people die)
No more driver's lash for me
No more, no more
No more driver's lash for me
Many thousands gone
(My Note: Lincoln did, in fact, kill tens of thousands of soldiers to preserve the Union)
No more whip lash for me
No more, no more
No more pine assault for me 
Many thousands gone
(My Note: Lincoln "fought for freedom" - he did! read his emancipation proclamation!)
No more auction block for me
No more, no more
No more auction block for me
Many thousands gone.

(When General William Tecumseh Sherman marched through the south at the end of the War, thousands of Southern's Homes were destroyed and Southerners killed)

Did the end justify the means?  They have always called President Lincoln "Honest Abe Lincoln," which means, being an honest political leader ought to be a requirement before you preaching on about providing "freedom" to your population and your citizens.  In the day of Niccolò Machiavelli, there wasn't a lot of "televised public broadcasting," radio, or TV for a Prince of the Medici families of Italy to lie to the Italian People.  Though one tenet of the book "The Prince" by Mr. Machiavelli was that lying to achieve power is actually good, one thing that ought to be 100% clear in everybody's mind is as such: Lying using technological means that never existed in the human experience until the 20th century like internet, TV, radio and mass produced magazines are not the marks of a competent, just or honorable political leader - no matter what organization he is heading.

"I cannot tell a lie" is what has been said about Abe Lincoln as thousands of Confederate Soldiers were killed during the war to preserve the Union.  Since Abraham Lincoln was a man of strong principles, and Robert E. Lee was much less so - one might infer that the morale he imbued his soldiers with are why the Union won the war.  It also ought to be an insight into the spectacular "rise of the USA" that occurred in the years 1870 - 1940.  In the days after the civil war, people's rights were tremendously respected.  Because of Lincoln's victory over Mr. Lee, and because freedom and liberty were the principals about which President Lincoln spoke during the war, people formed many organizations that were widely respected by society such as "The Knights of Labor" and "The AFL/CIO."

Did the end justify the means?  Well, many thousand gone... But here are the "before" and "after" photos:


Left: New York City around the time of the Civil War in 1865.  It had farm land, cows pastures, and lots of one story buildings.

Right: New York City in 1940 - after a period of almost 80 years of peace, growth, progress and stability.

Honesty was the best policy.  Tens of thousands were killed in the Civil War, but opposition to slavery and sound government were promoted.